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From: "Elissa Scalise Powell, CG" <>
Subject: [APG] Mentoring and ProGen
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 16:24:06 -0400
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More than professionalism, mentoring is a hotter topic, IMHO. Bringing
people up through the ranks in the standards and ethics of our profession
goes a long way. Those who volunteer their time to help others understand
are to be commended and they don't necessarily stem from established
organizations but grassroots efforts.

BCG has always had the ability of those "on the clock" to ask for a mentor.
Others who work on their portfolio elements before submitting the
preliminary application that starts the one-year clock have sought out
certified mentors in their area and at conferences. BCG is also piloting
another program for those on the clock which gives them support as they work
on their portfolios. But this is very specific mentoring.

Some of the best mentoring is more of a one-on-one relationship. These can
be found at conferences and through other interactions such as the
"Professional Genealogy" course at IGHR held every other year at Samford
University. http://www.samford.edu/schools/ighr The daily contact for a week
in any one of the 10 courses at Samford makes for relationships that last.
It also brings together students and experts in a friendly atmosphere.
Believe it or not there are some experts looking for "mentees." Be in places
to be found and let your light shine!

Joining APG is a good move for the aspiring professional. The APG Quarterly
has articles geared directly for your use. In the next issue is Angela
McGhie's article on a specific program of study done electronically. That
article alone will pay for your membership in benefits reaped.

At the NERGC conference to be held April 23-25 in Manchester, NH, there is a
Professional exploratory evening session being conducted by Barbara Mathews.
Don't miss it if you are attending. There is also a certification seminar on
Saturday morning. Feel free to find me there if you have any other
questions. At NERGC and NGS in Raleigh I tend to hang out by the BCG booth.

-- Elissa in Pittsburgh

Elissa Scalise Powell, CG
CG and Certified Genealogist are Service Marks of the Board for
Certification of Genealogists, used under license after periodic evaluations
by the Board.

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> To: 'Lisa Rex';
> Subject: Re: [APG] Professionalism in genealogy
> I agree with Lisa. I too am in the process of building my skills and
> transitioning towards professional after 20+ years as an amateur. I
> seen where APG, NGS or anyone else has a mentoring program and that would
> great. As for ProGen, it seems like a great resource but I haven't been
> to find it for sale anywhere (not an APG member yet, though soon, but if
> they have it in stock that might push me over the edge!).
> Jeff Pauley
> Goodview, VA
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> Subject: Re: [APG] Professionalism in genealogy
> Mentoring? I would love to work with a mentor.
> I am new to this list and new to professional genealogy in the US,
> though I have been researching heavily in the US for 10 years, and was
> a professional in England for two years. I am ready to become serious
> about becoming a professional genealogist. We all have to start
> somewhere.
> I've got ProGen. It's a big book but well-written and full of
> fantastic information. I'd like to take a few more advanced courses
> while I pursue certification, but it won't happen overnight.
> Hopefully I will meet some of you at http://www.nergc.org/ in a couple
> weeks.
> Lisa Rex
> http://www.lisarex.com
> .
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