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From: Carolyn Earle Billlingsley <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Mentoring and ProGen
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 18:02:00 -0500
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I'd also like to announce that Mary Joyce has just completed GEN 202:
Basic Genealogy, from Akamai University (online) with Margaret Phillips,
Ed.D., on April 9, 2009. Another successful student!

And once again I'll point out that taking an online class from Akamai
University is more of a mentoring process than anyone is apt to find
anywhere else. The courses are taught one-on-one, with extensive
interaction. YOU, the student, have the complete attention of the
instructor/professor and are able to ask any and all questions or
discuss any issue.

I think those of you who have taken a course from me or Donn Devine and
others can attest to that.

You do not have to work toward a degree if you don't want to or are not
ready; you can take one course or one at a time. Look over the array of
courses and instructors at:

Moreover, as has been stated so well by others at various times, you can
achieve a mentor-like relationship at Samford's IGHR and other such
programs. At Samford, you interact closely with lecturers and, if you
take the initiative, you can even have lunch with many of them <G>,
along with many opportunities for one-on-one discussions. Forging
relationships through coursework allows you to continue that
relationship afterwards and can become very rewarding.

Regards, Carolyn

Elissa Scalise Powell, CG wrote:
> As for mentoring programs: the closest thing NGS has is the Home Study
> Course. Although you work from home on the CD-based lessons, the graders
> give comments and suggestions on the lessons you turn in. The private email
> list is full of helpful people and suggestions on how to conduct research,
> cite your sources and write about your research.

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