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From: Debbie Petrides <>
Subject: [APG] ship list 1920 Norfolk VA
Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 10:54:54 +0300

Every few months I dust off the certificate of arrival for this individual and go searching for the original ship list.

I am determined this time to find it.

So far looking at the lists Nara has available and checking ancestry.com has turned up nothing.

Where are the manifests located for ships arriving in Norfolk, VA in 1920? The name of the ship is the S.S.

Nicolaos Zafirakis which (according to the declaration of intent) last port of call was Marseilles, France. (although it was a Greek ship which set sail from either Piraeus or Patras)

At one point, someone directed me to some maritime museum in VA but they were reorganizing and it didn't seem they had what I was looking for anyway.

Can someone lend a clue?

It would be graciously appreciated,


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