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From: "Richard A. Pence" <>
Subject: [APG] You might be a professional genealogist if ...A
Date: Fri, 08 May 2009 01:06:54 -0400


- your leisure time is spent memorizing source citation templates from
_Evidence Explained_.

- your Aunt Hester won't talk to you because she thinks you don't' know all
of the darkest family secrets . . . and is sure you would publish them if
you did.

- your second cousin Clara keeps sending you emails to see if you have found
the name of the Cherokee Princess who is among your ancestors. She also
wants a photos of her.

- this year will be the fifth time you've been to IGHRI in Birmingham.

- Besides the bedroom you have appropriated for an office, your books and
files cover the dining room table, except for holidays, when they are stored
in the trunk of the car.

- you know where the 1986 NGS Conference was held.

- your personal note cards have tiny pedigree charts printed on the front of

- you can explain what a third cousin, twice removed is without drawing a

- genealogy society membership dues are right below groceries in your family's
budget outlays.

- the guard at the National Archives greets you by asking if your
granddaughter got over the flu all right.

- all of your frequent flyer miles are from home to Salt Lake City.

- you have posted only one message in the APG mailing list on the topic of
"who is a professional genealogist." And you wish you had that back.

- you have a key to your neighborhood Family History Center.

- none of your ancestors came to America as stowaways.

- DAR Library employees think you are one of the bosses from upstairs.

- your spouse keeps asking you what you plan to do with the 15 years of
_National Genealogical Society Quarterlies_ you have stored in his/her
bedside table and two dresser drawers.

- you have withdrawal symptoms if Ancestry.com is off line.

- you leave lists of genealogy book titles lying around at Christmas time.

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