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Subject: Re: [APG] health insurance, was Re: Genealogical Education
Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 09:14:52 -0600
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The study was done in 2003 and the report is available in the members only
section of the website under "Info Files." I doubt the reasons for being
unable to offer health insurance to members has changed.

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Subject: Re: [APG] health insurance, was Re: Genealogical Education

The answer to your last paragraph, first sentence is Yes. A study was done
by APG years ago and posted to the website. With the redesign of the
APGen.org website I don't know if it was kept or not. However the study said
that as an organization, we are too small, too dispersed, etc. to be
effective for group insurance.

If someone has more knowledge now or wants to revisit the question and can
do the research, I am sure the APG board would be willing to listen to a
solid proposal of terms.

-- Elissa

Elissa Scalise Powell, CG
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> Harold, who is closer to Medicare than that, replied:
> Can some "old hand" enlighten me (us) as to why a search finds almost
> on APG's web site about health insurance? Would it not be high on the
agenda of
> any group seeking among other things to "provide support for those
> engaged
> genealogical pursuits as a business"?
> Is our group just too small, or too dispersed, or otherwise too
ill-defined to
> be able to cut any better deal than we do as individuals? Or are most
> practitioners either over 65 or married to someone who has family


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