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Subject: Re: [APG] Genealogical Education
Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 12:33:41 EDT

Kathy's comparison to social work is useful. To my knowledge, social work
is now licensed in most states -- which is to say, government has defined a
scope of practice in which only individuals meeting licensing requirements
may engage. I do not think licensing is appropriate for the practice of
genealogy, as the profession exists today. However, I believe the
comparison to social work is apt in the sense that social work is taught in largely
career or profession-oriented "schools of social." While there is a
highly developed body of knowledge, methods and ethics in social work, it is
less often thought of as an academic discipline. However, I don't want to
overstate this because 1) my knowledge of social work is indirect, through my
wife who has been away from higher education for quite some time, and 2)
there are a lot of gray areas in these discussions of concepts like
"profession" and "discipline." Yet, as we talk about our status, and goals, as a
profession, I find it helpful to think about ways we are similar to and
different from a wide variety of other professions. Social work and genealogy
are obviously very different, but knowledge rooted in a variety of academic
disciplines is valuable in both.

Jay Fonkert, CG
Saint Paul, MN

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Certification of Genealogists, used under license by Board-certified associates after
periodic competency evaluations.

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