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From: Beth Gay <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Date of Conception [Y-DNA; photos]
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 2009 22:55:41 -0500
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Ida, the Y-DNA test is certainly an option that one should consider; but
perhaps your recommendation could be more specific. How many markers?
Twelve markers would not be sufficient; but not sure how many markers
are necessary. I prefer 67 markers.

Warmest regards,
Beth Gay
Auburn AL

Ida Skarson McCormick wrote:
> Connie:
> It was wartime. International travel would have been limited, and
> there should be government records of it.
> There may have been another man involved, just not the famous one.
> The husband may have been overseas in the military at the time of
> probable conception; his absence for that reason should be easy to find out.
> The client needs to find his second cousin in the direct male line
> from their supposed common great-grandfather and have his Y-DNA
> tested. If they don't match, then another one or 2 in the direct male
> line should be tested, even going to third cousin(s) in the direct
> male line from the common great-great-grandfather if necessary. There
> may already be a project available on the web, which might make some
> of the Y-DNA testing unnecessary. Use Google to search on "[family
> name] Y-DNA."
> Mr. Famous may also have descendants whose Y-DNA project is on the web.
> At 01:59 PM 6/1/2009, Connie Bradbury wrote:
>> <snip>
>> The child was the only one of this marriage. Even after I pointed out to
>> the client that Mr. Famous would only have been 17-19 years old and the
>> female was about 5-6 year's older, and that I found no evidence he had
>> traveled to the US prior to 1919, he still wants me to look deeper.

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