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From: Kathy Gunter Sullivan <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Need Help with German Transcription/ Translation
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 2009 21:54:35 -0400
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I don't have anything useful to contribute, but your instructions for
downloading the originals worked for me. I also have a German Valentin
and a Michal, so your documents and translation are a welcome learning
opportunity. Some of the basic German words are familiar to me, but your
translation is much more accomplished than those basics. I hope someone
will be able to confirm your reading.

Thanks for sharing,


Sarah A. V. Kirby wrote:
> I'm trying to transcribe and translate two emigration records from Baden (Germany). I'm new at this and am having a little bit of difficulty with a few things.
> What I have is shown below. To see the images go to http://www.vandeventer.net/files, right click on one of the tif files and save it to your hard drive (if that doesn't work, please let me know).
> Unknown characters in [ ]. Translation from German in { }. Comments in [[ ]].
> Faulhaber, Valentin
> Amerika {America}
> 1. geb. in: Koenigheim/Tauberbischofsheim {Born in: Koenigheim/ Tauberbischofsheim}
> 2. hat Verwandte in: Ist ohne Erlaubnis. ausgew. Polizeiliche Aussorderung zur [W -or- M]eldung 11 Jan 1861 {has relatives in: Emigrated without permission. Police Exception Orders of Enlistments [[perhaps meaning those who had not fulfilled military service requirements]] 11 Jan 1861}
> Quelle: Grossb.bad.Allg.Anzeigeblatt Nr. 4 v.19.1.1861. {Source: [Grossb.bad.Allg.Anzeigeblatt] No. 4, v.19 Jan 1861. [I know notices of intent to emigrate were published, so this must be some sort of community news 'classified ad' posting. I see many newspapers with variants of Allgemeine and Anzeigeblatt in their title - Anziegeblatt seems to translate roughly as "Advertiser"]
> Thanks in advance for your help. {Vielen Danke}
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> Sarah A. V. Kirby
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