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From: "Alvie L. Davidson CG" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Where is the BC?
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2009 04:45:04 -0400
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In Florida it has always been the customary practice of the judge's order
from the circuit court to issue the directive that the child be issued a new
birth certificate and the original birth certificate be "sealed" from public
view. I am quite sure I can find an order from the circuit court in our
state to show the example if anyone is interested.
I got one from Missouri a long time ago and it pretty much followed the same
wording procedure. In this case in Missouri the adopting entity was a
single mother so the new birth certificate did not have a father listed.
I was on the trail of finding out who the birth mother was but the court
totally refused all directives to release any information so we had to shut
down the process.

Alvie L. Davidson CG
Lakeland, Florida

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by the Board.

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Subject: Re: [APG] Where is the BC?

Carolyn asked:
> .. is it always the case that a BC is reissued upon adoption?

I have a feeling it depends on the adoption law in that place at that time.

I am unfamiliar with New York and Pennsylvania law, but here, where I live,
such new birth certificates were required by a law dating 1972 that also
sealed the old birth certificate.

I suggest you check the statutes at the time and location of the formal
adoption to see what they required then.



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