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From: Jordan Jones <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Help with WWII draft card
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 12:14:09 -0400
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Hi Catherine --

If you search Ancestry with a name, you may get a URL for the WWII cards
with a name embedded in it, for example:


The names do not really matter in terms of retrieving the image, and seem to
only be used to create a label above the image to orient you. So the URL
with those names made generic still works:


Also, for whatever reason, probably because the original serial numbers end
up not being unique, Ancestry appears to have created their own numbers for
the records, instead of using the serial numbers.

The above example for Kenner B. Jones, has a serial number on the card of
914. However, Ancestry refers to this card as WV-2240139-1521.

The rest of the URL appears to be only of use to Ancestry, and is not needed
to retrieve the image.

So, to see both of Kenner B. Jones's images, you could truncate the URL
after the record identifier, and then increment the record identifier by 1
(from WV-2240139-1521 to WV-2240139-1522):




Sometimes, the cards were filmed twice in sequence, but you can continue
incrementing the last number to get past this.

For example, the front of Kenner B. Jones's card is on Ancestry both as


and as:


you can see from the negative marks (1516 and 1517) that these are indeed
separate images on the microfilm.

Hope that helps,

Jordan Jones
APG Member, North Carolina

On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 11:02 AM, Catherine Desmarais

> On Ancestry.com, the WWII draft cards for PA, MD, WV, and DE were
> originally
> filmed in such a way that the back of one card appears on the same image as
> the front of the next person's card. So when I pull up the card for my
> client's ancestor, the front of the card belongs to him, but the back of
> the
> card belongs to another, unknown, person. The image is 1 of 1 image, so I
> can't go forward one image to find the back of the card that goes with the
> the person I am researching. I would really like to have the back of the
> card. I tried searching for just the location (Erie, Erie Co., PA) but
> about
> 27,000 entries came up. I tried searching under the location plus the first
> three letters of the surname (Cor), thinking that they were filmed in
> alphabetical order, and this produced a manageable number of hits. However,
> although the people all resided in Erie, Erie Co, PA, they appear to have
> registered at different draft boards. Can anyone tell me if the serial
> numbers on the draft cards are sequential? In other words, if the person I
> am researching has the Serial number of 1401 on his card, would the person
> with Serial number 1402 have the back of my person's card on his image? If
> so, how can I find the person with serial number 1402? If anyone has found
> a
> work-around for this situation, I would great appreciate learning the
> technique.
> Thank you!
> Cathi Desmarais
> .
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