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From: "Lesli" <>
Subject: [APG] Immigration records
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 22:18:25 -0500
References: <COL108-DS4E028F321811DE85EC03292370@phx.gbl>

I need a bit of advice on where to look for immigration records for Syrian
(Lebanese) immigrants. I have a number of stumbling blocks: the names could
be spelled numerous ways, the last name in America is not the same as the
family name in Lebanon, and the only proof I have of an estimated date of
entry is a naturalization paper that occured in 1900 with of course minimal

I know that they could have come in through Mexico or Canada as well as many
of the US ports. So far, I am coming up empty handed. Here is what I have
so far, any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

1. Malham Shaheen (was Haddad in Syria) was naturalized in Clinton Co, IA 5
Jun 1900. He attests that he came in 1895 at age of 17. A librarian told
me that there would not have been any declaration of intent. Now where do I
go from here?

2. Sadie Saad (has also been recorded as Sadie Abraham) came into the
country in 1905 (oral history) with her brothers Asaad and Joseph. They
went to Clinton, IA where she married Malham Shaheen in Jan 1906, so no
naturalization records there. Asaad and Joseph went back to Syria shortly
after and one of them died at sea (oral history). How do I find where they
came in? How do I find where the brothers left from on their way back to

I have found Malham's brother, Michael coming in through Mexico in 1905.
His sister, Lena, supposedly came through Canada in 1901, which I am still

Just trying to add new info for that updated book that I am doing for my
husband's aunt. Having a lot of fun doing it and learning alot. Any help
would be appreciated since she would love to know where her parents entered
the US.

Lesli Rice Shaheen

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