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From: "Lura" <>
Subject: [APG] BOND - Lavina Jones and Alexander Carrell
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 11:57:08 -0400

I am Lura Southard and a new member of this mail list.

It was for my benefit that Mag introduced the Sampson County, NC,
bond into your discussion, and I am grateful to her for that. I
went to the archives to read the discussion and decided that I
would like to ask you to consider something that no one

"What about David Dodd?"

The wording of the bond states that both Lavina Jones AND
Alexander Carrell were bound to David Dodd for 200 pounds.
Clearly Alexander is not posting bond for Lavina Jones, nor is
she posting bond for Alexander Carrell. It seems to me that
David Dodd is serving as bondsman for Lavina Jones and Alexander.

I have a scanned copy of the short bond, and this is my
transcription of the body of the bond.

"Know all men By these presents
That we Levina Jones and Alexander Carrell are
Held and firmly bound unto David Dodd Esqr
Chairman of This successors in office in the sum of
Two hundred pounds current money to him Which payment
Well and truly to be made We bind ourselves Our Heirs
Executors Administrators and asigns Jointly and severally
Firmly by these presents Signed and sealed with our seals
This second day of November One Thousand Eight hundred
and Two 1802"

After the court words of embellishment, it was signed by H
Holmes, Clerk.

For a very long time I have researched Alexander Carrell and the
other Carroll/ell families of that area in that time period with
brick walls in almost every direction. Finding this bond was a
startling new development and a possible new direction for

What I would like to learn.....

What is the nature of this bond?
Why are Lavina Jones and Alexander Carrell bound to David Dodd?

I hope learning about this bond will help me answer these

Who is Lavina Jones?
Could she be Alexander's sister?
Are the two of them posting bond to administer the estate of
Dempsey Carrell, Sr?

A brief statement about why I feel this does not involve poverty:

Alexander Carrell/oll owned several tracts of land in Sampson
County, NC, just west of Six Runs Creek, adjacent to Dempsey
Carrell, Sr., Stephen Carrell, James Carrell, and in the vicinity
of Jesse, Thomas, John, and Elisha Carrell. He is mentioned in
the court news several times on the jury and a few times on the
grand jury between 1788 and 1792. He was appointed constable in
1793 and is mentioned often serving in that capacity through at
least 1800.

I have become convinced through the signing of Alexander's
marriage bond, owning adjacent property, and several land
transactions that Dempsey Carrell, Sr. is Alexander's father.

Dempsey was exempted in court from paying poll tax on May 13,
1789 because he was an aged and infirm man. The last record I
can find for him was September 18, 1802 when he sold land.

I believe that Dempsey, Sr. may have died between September and
November 1802 and Lavina Jones and Alexander Carrell were posting
bond as required to settle his estate. So far I have found no
will nor record of probate of his estate.

Would the wording of the bond be consistent with that type of

Would that seem to indicate that Lavina Jones MIGHT be the sister
of Alexander Carrell?

Thank you for your kindness in considering this bond.

Lura CARROLL Southard

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