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From: "Joy Rich" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] let's consider a "Mass Action" to protect tone ofpostings onAPG list
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 03:55:05 -0400
References: <mailman.773.1246172539.4452.apg@rootsweb.com>

I'm unsubscribing for a week as a protest also.


Joy Rich
Brooklyn, NY


From: "Barbara Mathews" <>
Subject: [APG] let's consider a "Mass Action" to protect tone of postings onAPG list
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 17:05:29 -0400

I know from speaking to friends and acquaintances that almost all of us have
had similar reactions to our APG email list recently. To quote more than one
person, "Delete, delete, delete, delete."

Many of us on this list are "lurkers" who read emails but rarely post. I am
one of those myself. For this reason, the APG directors and officers have no
idea what I am personally feeling about the tone and content of the list.
However, this list is a public and archived list. Emails posted on this list
can be found and perused by the general public. Someone researching me and
the words professional and genealogist would find my postings on the list
and, with that, all the other postings.

I want to suggest that "we" lurkers consider a mass action to let both the
APG board and individual posters know that we are tired of the content and
tone of recent postings. The mass action I would consider would be for those
who are tired of this to "unsubscribe" from the APG list for the next week.
To show that your "unsubscribe" is a part of this action, you can initiate
it on Saturday, June 27th. Then, again to show that you are participating in
this mass action, you can wait to resubscribe until Saturday, July 4th.

Directions for doing this are on:

[If you are as inquisitive as genealogists tend to be, then you can read the
list archives on rootsweb to keep up on postings without subscribing. That
way, you can participate and still read postings.]

Remember, that If anything important to APG comes up in that week, the
Executive Director has her own internal email list for members. She would be
able to contact those of us who are unsubscribed to let us know about issues
important to APG.

Yours, in rebel fashion for Independence Day,
Barbara Mathews

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