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From: Mary Douglass <>
Subject: [APG] The business aspect of genealogy
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 2009 02:07:46 -0500

Dave Ramsey spoke to the issues of getting a business started today
during his radio show. He said to write a business plan, and read, read,
read everything you can find on business topics. He recommended
Guerrilla Marketing,Who Moved My Cheese, and several others [I was
driving or would have written them down]. Two I've found useful are
"Consulting for Dummies," and the FGS book on design for the non-designer.

I've found the Small Business Administration state websites [check out
Missouri] to have plan outlines and suggestions for the novice
entrepreneur. Join your local Chamber of Commerce. That's where I get my
dental insurance, and used to get my health insurance. I got an
accountant to help me set up my business software. I have a business
website with blog attached, thanks to Linda Geiger and Sylvia Rankin. I
list my services everywhere I can, including putting my business cards
in the local Register of Deeds office.

Craig R. Scott taught me about multiple revenue streams so I research,
write for the popular genealogical press (which pays for my words), I
lecture, and last year self-published my first book, which is now being
revised for a second printing. I have six more books in various stages
of preparation.

Due to health issues, I only work part-time, but make a small profit
every year, after covering all my expenses, including my continuing
education, and equipment upgrades. I do have an outside income upon
which I live. My government retirement isn't lavish, but it does keep a
roof over my head, etc.
my 2 cents worth

Mary Clement Douglass
Your Kansas research specialist

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