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Subject: Re: [APG] Tweeting the lecture
Date: Sun, 9 Aug 2009 09:20:57 -0400
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Look around the lecture room, people are doing a variety of things. Some
are clearly lost in their own thoughts. Some are so intent on taking
"perfect" notes that they're missing the point of the lectures. Some are
looking at poorly written lecture summaries and are trying to decide whether
they should be trying to make notes to make up for that. Some are going
over their schedules for the rest of the day. Some are tweeting as the
lecture proceeds. Some texting.

Writing goes hand in hand with listening to a lecture, whether tweeting it
or writing notes. The hardest thing to do in a mediocre lecture is to keep
a focus on what's being said. Texting or making notes doesn't rise to the
level of multi-tasking under those circumstances. They actually work to
help one keep some focus on the lecture itself. An exceptional lecturer can
hold the attention of most in the room, but that's the exception not the

Lecturers, if they're competent and know their stuff have more to gain than
to lose from these new audiences. A poor lecturer might suffer, but in the
end future audiences might suffer less! Circling the copyright wagons is a
futile excercise. The genie is out of the bottle, and what's coming in the
future will make 'tweeting' seem completely harmless by comparison. But
every change also brings new opportunities, and those who can recognize and
adapt to those changes are those who will succeed.


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> Elizabeth said it better than me. Someone who is tweetering away during
> my
> lecture is probably not really listening and thinking about what I'm
> saying. This doesn't change the ethics of the matter, but it does make
> the
> tweeter look foolish in my eyes. And Elizabeth also makes a good point
> about
> accuracy of reporting. I often hear inaccurate reports of things I've
> said at
> meetings, so it probably happens after lectures as well.
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