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From: Jeannie A Travis <>
Subject: [AppalLife] Wild greens called Tangle gut greens
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 22:50:37 -0600

While talking to a friend she mentioned 'tangle gut 'greens, she said it
is a green which has small leaves and grows on a vine has tiny white
flowers on it, also known as shoestrings or shoe laces. Is cooked with
green onion and bacon, I have never heard of this green but, I know I
would love it as I love
any kind of greens. Ever hear of this one? I thought I knew just about
all the wild greens, from 'mouse ear to curly dock ' , but this is a new
one on me..Would love to have a proper name or have someone look it up
and send me picture of it on here....Spring is just around a far corner,
so am getting my snake stick and my 'poke' ready to go out huntin' Morel
mushrooms , wild asparagus and those delicious greens ! { Oh no ! Did I
just hear the weatherman mention snow ???} Jeannie T

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