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Subject: [AppalLife] Stopping Blood Bible verse (was)...Bleeding...
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003 01:24:17 EDT

In a message dated 07/31/2003 12:22:16 AM Eastern Daylight Time,

> When I saw this heading about bleeding I thought maybe it was about the
> people that could stop bleeding by quoting a certain Bible verse...Ma could do
> that....One time a neighbor man walked up her shady dirt road and told her his
> little girl was cut bad, and nothing they could do would stop the
> bleeding...She told him to go on home, the bleeding was stopped...It was,. She said a
> woman could tell a man the bible verse, but not another woman, and that was
> the way it was passed on opposite sexes...She told Mama though, because
> my older brother had so many nose bleeds...I can't remember if it worked for
> her or not.


I found the Bible verse that stops blood. Anyone that wants it email me off
list and I will send it to you.

Now, if this only works with the opposite sex giving it, then "only" women
need to request it. Guys, you will have to get the women to send it to you.

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Terry Thacker

Doing genealogy is like writing OUR own family Bible. Our ancestors are the
ones that have came to pass, and our descendants are the ones to fulfill it.

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