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From: Jeannie A Travis <>
Subject: Re: [AppalLife] Snow cream
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2004 11:57:55 -0600

If you listen to all the reports it is not safe to breathe the air , eat
the food nor drink the water.......Sassafras roots have been used down
through the years as an ingredient in medicine...{Our first export, I
believe....} and has been made into countless pitchers of sassafras
tea....Now we are told the roots have cancer causing agents...In the bark
, I believe...Comfrey herb was used for centuries as the plant with more
medicinal uses than any other....even the only source of vegetable based
B 12.....but is now on the bad list....This list is long...

I guess you just have to decided how far you want to go in giving up old
time pleasures.......As for me, if we get a big snow...I will wait till
it is over or is piled up enough to scoop up a big pan of snow and I'll
enjoy eating that snow cream.....Stands to reason the first snow would
catch all the impurities in the air and cushion the ground for the 'snow
cream' snow, huh ? *grin*....Last night's snow up here on the ridge
amounted to maybe a half inch, and it's staying right on the ground in my
yard....Probably half ice anyhow since it went from rain to sleet to

Lots of snow could be used instead of ice to make a freezer of
cream....Wondering if you could make that ice cream in a can and let the
kids roll it around in the snow till it was frozen ? I've heard you can
freeze ice cream that way, just a can of chilled custard mix inside a
bigger can of ice and salt...Let the kids have fun rolling it
around....Jeannie T

PS:Just be sure and tell the kid you send out not to scoop up any yellow
snow !
On Thu, 8 Jan 2004 22:34:50 -0600 "Wanda Shephard" <>
> Jeannie,
> I'd love to make snowcream for my babies, but I was told that the
> wasn't safe to eat anymore. Wanda

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