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Subject: [APPLEBY] Maryland Appleby Line
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2003 00:11:44 EDT

In a message dated 4/18/2003 6:23:38 PM Central Daylight Time,

> I have not yet found out exactly when or how the three brothers came to
> America. The arrived around 1770, but I have not found a ship's list that
> confirms any actual date. There were three brothers William, James and
> John. John stayed in PA, William went to GA and TN where he died, and
> little is known about James (I think he went to MD).
> On a LDS CD I did find a William Appleby, who married an Ann Potter in
> Northumberland. They had three sons William, James and John who are about
> the right ages. However, the oral tradition of the family is that they
> left from Antrim, Northern Ireland and some have assumed they were born
> there.

Bob --

My radar homed in on your comment about James Appleby perhaps going to
Maryland. My Maryland Appleby line has been stuck for a long time at the
following brick wall:

Louisa Applebee/Appleby, b. 28 Jul 1812 in Montgomery Co., Maryland; d. 8 Jan
1893 in Shelby Co., Ohio; m. James Faulder 21 Sep 1830 in Frederick,
Maryland. Her father was Thomas Appleby, about whom I know absolutely
nothing; I do not know her mother's name. One family story says that she was
an indentured servant prior to her marriage. I do have a photograph of
Louisa -- unfortunately, too dark to be of much value.

The source for my information is an unpublished history of the family of
Louisa's husband, which references an Appleby Family History for further
information. I have never been able to locate this Appleby Family History.

Could my Thomas Appleby possibly be a son of your James Appleby, who
supposedly went to Maryland? I would be interested in hearing more about
these three brothers who reportedly came from County Antrim in Ulster

Guy I. Colby IV
Irving, TX

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