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From: "Scott Williams" <>
Subject: [APPLETON] Appleton Royal Ancesry, Post #1
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 12:29:30 +0200

Hopefully this will be the last time I need to redo this entire file. I
apologize to subscribers for the excessive rework on this, but now I am
aware of the technical limitations of Rootsweb postings.

This is part 1 of a 39-generation ahnentafel for Samuel Appleton who married
Hannah Paine, the progenitor of many Appleton's in America. All generations
are referenced; references in brackets follow the fact stated. The
bibliography is found at the end of the file, which will be included with
the last posting of this ancestry. I will post several generations each
day, beginning from the most recent and working back in time.

For those not used to medieval naming conventions, the surnames beginning
with "DE" or "D'" are Latin for "OF". Many surnames were derived from
localities, with the DE being dropped as time went on. I have followed
Welch conventions of patronymics: AB or AP denotes "son of", FERCH denotes
"daughter of". You may have encountered alternative spellings of many names
mentioned here, and I have used the "Alias" field in my program to account
for most of the ones I've seen. You will also see Scandinavian patronymic
suffixes: "dottir" or "dotter" means "daughter of" following her father's
name, such as Ragnaldsdottir; "sson" or "ssen" means "son of" following his
father's name, such as Sigurdsson.

Where you see in a reference something such as "line 45-20" it is from the
F.L. Weis books (in case anyone is not familiar with them). It is set up by
family lines in sequence, hence the format. For many of the generations
shown here I have additional descendants, but the ahnentafel format does not
permit this. If anyone would like this information in one file, please let
me know.

***** First Generation *****

1 Samuel APPLETON. Born in 1624. Samuel died on 15 May 1696, he was 72.[1]
will dated 17 April 1695, proved 25 May 1696. Samuel was baptized in Little
Wallingfield, Suffolk, England in 1624.[2]

He was a man of the highest repute in civil and military service;
representative 1668 and often after to 1681, when he was made Assistant and
by annual election continued in that rank to the time of overthrow of the
charter government 1686. In 1675 he had command of all the MA forces on CT
river and late in the season, when succeeded by Major Savage in that
quarter, was transfered to the expedition against Narranganset for the
bloody and decisive action of 19 Dec. Resolute in support of the liberty of
the people against the unlawful taxation in 1687, he was imprisoned by
Andros, and hardly released. See Hutch. I. 365. In the new Charter of
William and Mary, 1691, he was made one of the council, though by the
popular vote left out at the following election.[1]

On 2 Apr 1651 when Samuel was 27, he married Hannah PAINE.[3]

They had the following children:
i.Hannah (1652-)
ii.Judith (1653-<1740)
iii.Samuel (1654-1725)

***** Second Generation *****

2 Samuel APPLETON. Born in 1586 in Little Waldingfield, Suffolk,
England.[2],[4] Samuel died in Rowley, MA in Jun 1670, he was 84.[2],[5]
Samuel was baptized in Little Waldingfield, Suffolk, England on 13 Aug
1586.[6] Occupation: freeman 25 May 1636, representative 1637.[2] Residence:
Ipswich, MA.[2]

On 24 Jan 1615 when Samuel was 29, he married Judith EVERARD.[5]

They had the following children:
i.John (1622-1699)
1ii.Samuel (1624-1696)
iii.Sarah (1627-)

3 Judith EVERARD. Born abt 1587.

***** Third Generation *****

4 Thomas APPLETON. Born abt 1538 in Waldingfield Parva, Suffolk, England.
Thomas died in London, England in 1603, he was 65.[7],[4] Residence: Little
Waldingfield, Co. Suffolk, England.[2]

Thomas married Mary ISAACKE.

They had the following children:
2i.Samuel (1586-1670)
ii.Isaac (-1608)
v.Mary (~1574-1629)
vi.Judith (-1587)

5 Mary ISAACKE. Mary died aft 18 Feb 1612.[8]

6 John EVERARD. Born abt 1545. John died bef 17 May 1598, he was 53.[9]
Occupation: Goldsmith; freeman of the City of London.[10]

By the will of his father, means were provided for apprenticing him to trade
in London. Under the customs of that time no one could engage in business
for himself in the city of London without first serving an apprenticeship of
at least 7 years to a freeman of one of the livery companies (or mercantile
guilds), and large premiums were paid for placing apprentices who were
usually indentured when about 15 years of age. Accordingly, John Everard
was apprenticed as a goldsmith in 1560, and in 1567 at the age of 22 years,
became a freeman of the city of London. At the same time he succeeded to
his father's lands in Great Canfield, and also received by his father's will
100, a handsome legacy for those times, and equal to 3000 at the present
day [1926]. With this patrimony he was able to establish himself in
business as a goldsmith in London, and he continued as such until his death
in May 1598.[9]

abt 1574 when John was 29, he married Judith BOURNE.[10]

They had the following children:
i.Parnell (~1575-)
ii.Thomas (~1578-1599)
iii.Mary (~1581-)
iv.Martha (~1584-)
3v.Judith (~1587-)
vi.Margaret (~1589-)
vii.Sarah (~1591-)

7 Judith BOURNE. Judith died abt Sep 1598.[10]

The will of Judith Everard of London, widow of John Everard, late citizen
and goldsmith of London, was dated 13 August 1598. To my son Thomas Everard
20. To my daughter Mary Everard, my best bedstead. All my other goods to
be sold and the money to be equally divided among my 5 unmarried daughters,
Mary, Martha, Judith, Margaret, and Sarah Everard, at their ages of 21 years
or on marriage. To my son-in-law Thomas Wood 20, he to be executor.
Overseers, John Bourne, Richard Wyseman, and Thomas Rudd. Will was proved
25 October 1598.[11]

***** Fourth Generation *****

8 William APPLETON. Residence: Waldingfield, Suffolk, England.[4]

William married Rose SEXTON.

They had the following children:
4i.Thomas (~1538-1603)

9 Rose SEXTON.

10 Edward ISAACKE. Edward died abt 1573.[12] will dated 29 April 1572.
Residence: Well Court, Patricksburne, Co. Kent, England.[12],[13] Alias/AKA:
Edward Isaac.

bef 24 Jun 1544 Edward married Margery WHEATHILL.[14]

They had one child:
5i.Mary (->1612)

11 Margery WHEATHILL. Alias/AKA: Whetehill.

12 Thomas EVERARD. Born abt 1520. Thomas died in 1551, he was 31.
Occupation: Assistant Auditor of the Exchequer.[10]

Thomas Everard was articled in his youth to John Wiseman, Esq., Auditor of
the Exchequer to King Henry VIII, and later enhanced his fortunes by
marriage with one of the older daughters of his patron. He became one of
the assistant auditors of the exchequer, but his career was cut short by his
death in 1551. The will of Thomas Everard of London was dated 10 July 1551:
To my wife the profits of my houses and lands in Great Canfield [co. Essex]
for life, with reversion to my eldest son John Everard; if he die under age
without issue, remainder successively to my sons Robert, Thomas, and Jerome.
To my son John 100 at age of 22, and the same amount to my sons Robert,
Thomas, and Jerome at their several ages of 22 years. To my father Henry
Everard and to my mother, 40. To my father-in-law Mr. Wiseman. To my
brothers [in-law] William Glascock, John Wiseman, Thomas Wiseman, and
William Pascall. To my sister Jane when 22 or at marriage. My sons to be
apprenticed. All residue to my wife Margaret, she and my brother [in-law]
Glascock to be executors. Overseer, George Osborne of Cheapside, London.
The will was proved 4 March 1552.[9]

Thomas married Margaret WISEMAN.

They had the following children:
6i.John (~1545-<1598)

13 Margaret WISEMAN.

14 John BOURNE.

7i.Judith (-~1598)

***** Fifth Generation *****

16 Robert APPLETON. Robert died in 1526.[4] Residence: Little Waldingfield,
Suffolk, England.[4]

Robert married Mary MOUNTNEY.

They had the following children:


18 Robert SEXTON.


20 William ISAACKE. William died bef 1518. Residence: Patrixbourne, co.
Kent, England.[15]

William married Margery HAUTE.

They had one child:
10i.Edward (-~1573)

21 Margery HAUTE. Margery died in 1540.[15]

22 Sir Richard WHEATHILL. Born abt 1465.[16] Richard died in 1537, he was

Richard married Elizabeth MUSTON.

They had one child:

23 Elizabeth MUSTON. Elizabeth died in 1542.[18]

24 Henry EVERARD. Born abt 1495 in Manor House of Langleys, Great Waltham,
co. Essex, England.[10] Henry died in Mashbury, co. Essex, England aft
1551, he was 56.

12i.Thomas (~1520-1551)

26 John WISEMAN. Born abt 1495.[19] John died in Great Canfield, co. Essex,
England on 17 Aug 1558, he was 63. Occupation: Auditor to the Exchequer to
King Henry VIII.[9] Residence: Great Canfield, co. Essex, England.

John married Agnes JOSSELIN.

They had the following children:
i.Clemence (~1540-1611)

27 Agnes JOSSELIN.

***** Sixth Generation *****

32 Thomas APPLETON. Thomas died in 1507.[4] Buried in Waldingfield, Co.
Suffolk, England.[4] Residence: Little Waldingfield, Suffolk, England.[4]

Thomas married Margaret CRANE.

They had the following children:
16i.Robert (-1526)

33 Margaret CRANE. Margaret died on 4 Nov 1504.[4] Buried in Waldingfield,
Co. Suffolk, England.[4]

34 Thomas MOUNTNEY.


42 Sir Thomas HAUTE. Thomas died in 1502.[20] Residence: Bishopsbourne, co.
Kent, England.

Thomas married Isabel FROWICK.

They had one child:
21i.Margery (-1540)

43 Isabel FROWICK.

44 Adrian WHEATHILL. Born abt 1435.[21] Adrian died in 1503, he was 68.[17]
Occupation: Comptroller of Calais. Alias/AKA: Whetehill.

abt 1460 when Adrian was 25, he married Margaret WORSLEY.[21]

They had one child:
22i.Richard (~1465-1537)

45 Margaret WORSLEY. Margaret died in 1515.[17],[21] Magna Charta Sureties
states 1505.

48 Thomas EVERARD. Born abt 1460. Thomas died in Manor House of Langleys,
Great Waltham, co. Essex, England in 1529, he was 69.[10] Residence:
inherited estates in Mashbury, and through marriage acquired Manor of
Langleys in the adjoining parish of Great Waltham, co. Essex, which became
the principal estate of the senior line of the family.[22]

Thomas married Joane CORNISH.

They had the following children:
i.John (~1485-~1518)
ii.Richard (~1487-1561)
iii.Margery (~1489-)
iv.Thomas (~1491-)
v.William (~1493-)
24vi.Henry (~1495->1551)
vii.Elizabeth (~1497-)
viii.Edward (~1500-)
ix.Agnes (~1503-)

49 Joane CORNISH. Alias/AKA: may have been Mary.

54 Ralph JOSSELIN. Occupation: Auditor to the Exchequer to King Henry


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