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From: Kathryn Langston <>
Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2000 01:08:40 EDT
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Here I am meddling in business thats not mine. But noticed a couple of
I thought I should bring to your attention.

On page 1 Chapter 2 of Sam's book he says, "My grand father, James
Jeffrey, was
born in England/ He was a GREAT GRANDSON of the great Isaac Jeffrey of

He lists James as his grandfather, but then he says his grandfather was a

GREAT grandson of Isaac. If James was truly the great grandson, then
J J left out a generation. however, he then goes on to name the son's of

the younger Isaac as being Jery, Joseph, John, the Indian Killer, Jams,
his grandfather and Jessee.

Or is it possible J J was just hung up on the word GREAT, and used
it at the wrong time. HO, ho.

Thought I would throw some more confusion
on the fire.

>I personally tend to believe that it could easily have been that James
>was James Isaac JEFFERY or Isaac James JEFFERY. Named for his father,
>called "James" to differentiate the two. Who knows, perhaps he was
>even a
>"Jr" himself, and his father Isaac was also a James Isaac or Isaac
>JEFFERY. BUT, that's just my reasoning of the information presented
>us. I have a feeling that the two were not in disagreement (JJ &
>A.C.) but
>that we just don't find it easy to follow where they are coming from.
>I think that that we can eliminate any ships coming to America before
>Act of 1717, if what was written below was true:
>"Apparently one of the unemployed of London in the early 1700's, James
>indentured himself as a result of the Brithish Parliament Act of 1717,
>act to provide employment in America. He was also known as John. He
>on a ship with about 90 other men."
>-----This information was sent to Gary Wiles < by
>Bill G.
>Koether <> ----
>Vickie---when you mention the Simon Jeffery that you have been working
>was he the same as the Symon mentioned in the quote below:
>"Earliest records of the name in England...John of Huntingdonshire in
>those of Warin Jeffrey of Cambridgeshire in 1273; those of Simon
>about the same time; those of Symon Jefferay of County Sussex about
>beginning of the following century."
>When one refers to the "early 1700's, I would presume that to mean
>before 1750, wouldn't you? Where did the information come from
>the ship, "Smith", and the "John" aboard?? That's one to be disected,
>because if JJ says Jesse remembered coming to America aboard a ship
>when he
>was 9 years old in 1764.According to JJ Sams, he would have been born
>1755. I would think that Jesse would be accurate in his memory,
>without television, movies, and all of the activities and distractions
>we have, they had plenty of time to rehash the old stories, and it
>have been talked about endlessly among Jesse's parents and siblings.

Well, I see where J J contradicted hisself in chapter
3, saying in chapter 2 it was 1766 and chapter 3 1764.

Kathryn don't know nothing about Jeffrey's, but its a lot of interesting


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