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From: Jean Mayfield Cuevas <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Good morning
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 23:06:17 -0500
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Hi Marci,

I would like to take a moment to welcome you to the list, along with any
other new folks who have joined recently.

My, you do have an interesting life, living on a sailboat, for sure! You
can just pick up and take your home with you, anywhere in the world. Such
an interesting idea! :)

Jean Cuevas

At 07:48 AM 12/2/00 -0600, you wrote:
>Good Morning! I'm new here, and now I understand all the posts. Your post
>was truly a great way to wake up. I don't quite make it up at three am (I
>barely make it up for 8am..hahaha) but this is nice. We are having some of
>that nasty weather here as well. We live on Lake Pontchartrain, just north
>of New Orleans. Our home is a 30 foot sailboat, so the rain is a bit
>noisier on our "roof", but the wind makes the boat rock gently while you
>sleep...kinda like sleepin' in a cradle. Well, I'm off to start my day, the
>boat dog, Pebbles, is looking at me with anxious eyes. Wait till she finds
>out it's raining....
>Everyone have a wonderful, safe weekend!!!!
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