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From: Jeri Helms Fultz <>
Subject: [ARIZARD-L] Confederate Pensions
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 21:20:48 -0500

Hi Rosemary,

Civil War pensions were applied for if you had less than $100.00 per yr
income and had little or no property or other income. In other words,
they had to be almost destitute. The widows pensions weren't available
until the late 1890's


> Vee,
> That's said, "June and myself talked about that and
> figured out that they were to old or
> to young"........What about William Riley, Sr., born 1828 - he would have
> been about 33 when the Civil War started - definitely not too old - and we
> have a picture of him in a Confederate uniform? Or at least we're told it's
> a picture of him.
> Do wish we knew why he didn't apply for a pension.

"but I remain your affectinate cosin untill death."
Thank you again Greatgramdpa Davis for those words.
Never dreamed I'd get to use em!
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