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From: "Bernie Moore-Knowles" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L]Denton and Langston
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 15:04:59 -0700
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Hi all

As I said or should have said, Scott says that he'll have my FTM up and
running tonight. I have to cook him dinner first, though! LOL

But, I wanted to let you know that I was sent some Potts information from
Michael Potts and will post it to the List when I get a second to check it
against my own data. There evidently is a family of Reynolds that are in
Izard Co. (or within boundaries of) circa 1840 or 1850, because I am running
into marriages for them within the Langston and newly acquired Potts ranks.

My Langstons were within the Fulton Co. areas at times and then into Baxter
Co.,, I am interested in seeing the connections with all that
you all are posting with what I have in my MIA FTM.

Will let you know and post what I have tonight, though. I promise.

I find it interesting that Jim Skaggs has my gggrandfather as Jonathan
"John" Denton, husband of Mary Ann "Polly" Langston. The "John" part is
what is real interesting to me.

When I was first active on this List and posted some of what I knew to be my
family information, I said that my ggrandmother was a Rebecca Jane Denton,
born May 11, 1860. I knew her birthdate from some papers that were found in
my grandmother's belongings. I was told by Tess Harper at that time, that
in all probability that my Denton ancestor was Jonathan Denton and have
researched this as such.

But recentlly I was sent June 1860 census records (Joyce from this List) and
it shows Polly Langston found in the home of her birth family - in Izard
Co.- and it shows Jonathan Denton in the home of a Green family in Fulton

Interesting, since they were supposed to have had a child together in May
and are enumerated in separate homes the next month. Don't you think?

Anyway, baby Rebecca is nowhere to be found. Maybe. There is however a
Rebecca Denton, aged one in the home of Jane Smith. Jane Smith was married
to a Denton and is widowed in the 1850 census and is widowed again in 1860,
following a Smith marriage. In her Smith household are two Smith children,
hers with this unknown Smith, James and John Denton, hers from the Denton
marriage and the infant; Rebecca Denton, aged one is lastly listed. I
believe Jane Smith is too old to have been the mother of this little girl,

What do you all think?

Think I might have a new gggrandfather in John, in lieu of Jonathan? IT
has certainly crossed my mind. Kathryn Langston and I have discussed this a
few times off List and she is puzzled by it, also. Now, Kathryn Langston
knows her Langston genealogy folks. Me? I just explore possibilities and I
think we have a possibility here. Just maybe.

Bernie Moore-Knowles
Phoenix, Arizona

"I have Indian blood in me. I have just enough White blood for you to
question my honesty." ........Will Rogers

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> Bernie,
> Here is a Bob Reynolds that married a Langston. I have more connection
> did not see them' I do not have their children nor do I have his parents.
> Jim S
> Descendants of John P. Langston
> 1 John P. Langston b: 1820 in AR Died: 1856 in AR
> .. +Rebecca Jane Potts b: April 01, 1825 in Pineville, Izard Co., AR
> Died: November 07, 1905 in Izard Co., AR Burial Place: AR, Izard Co.
> . 2 Mary Ann "Polly" Langston b: March 12, 1842 in Izard Co., AR
> Died: July 21, 1909 in Salem, Fulton Co., AR Burial Place: AR, Fulton
> Salem, Salem Cem
> ..... +Jonathan "John" Denton b: 1842 in Izard Co., AR m: Abt.
> Died: July 22, 1864 in Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA
> . *2nd Husband of Mary Ann "Polly" Langston:
> ..... +John Wesley Franks b: September 13, 1843 in Pikesville,
> Co., AL m: Abt. 1866 in Izard Co., AR Died: May 12, 1930 in Sulphur,
> Co., OK Burial Place: OK, Murray Co., Sulphur, Oaklawn Cem
> . 2 Martha Langston b: 1843 in Izard Co., AR
> ..... +Bob Reynolds b: 1843 in TN
> . 2 Phoebe Langston b: 1844 in Izard Co., AR Died: Abt. 1913 in
> Izard Co., AR
> . 2 Catherine Langston b: 1846 in Izard Co., AR
> . 2 Nancy Jane Langston b: November 20, 1848 in Izard Co., AR
> May 27, 1920 in AR Burial Place: AR, Idenpencence Co., , Hickory
> Valley Cem
> ..... +Young James Andrew Jackson Cathey, Rev. b: November 20,
> in Izard Co., AR m: April 28, 1870 in AR Died: October 29, 1946 in
> Mammouth Springs, AR
> . 2 Elander Ellen Langston b: 1851 in AR (or 1849) Died: 1876
> ..... +John D. Garner b: 1852 in TN m: Abt. 1870
> . 2 Benjamin Franklin Langston b: February 1852 in Izard Co., AR
> ..... +Mary E. Clark b: December 1859 in AR or TN
> . 2 John N. "Johnny" Langston b: 1854 in Izard Co., AR Died:
> 1894
> ..... +Sarah "Sally" Jones b: 1860 in MO m: 1880 in Izard Co,
> Union Twsp
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