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Subject: [ARIZARD-L] Arkansas Prior Birth Index
Date: 6 Aug 2003 10:43:29 -0600 (CST)

Arkansas Prior Birth Index Vol 1 Binder 1, Arkansas Genealogical Society,
Inc., Hot Springs, AR, 2002. ISBN 0-9723085-0-4 vol. 1

I will type/spell these as listed in the index. These are the Perryman,
Conrad, and Len(n)ox entries I found. I was so excited when I found this
book....I had trouble remembering married names of the women on the
Perryman lines....I could only remember Campbell & Sorrels (No IZ/FU
Sorrel(l)s listed).

Name DOB County Mother
Perryman, Abner Luke 1-19-1899 Izard Hayes,Margaret Elizabeth
year 1942/binder 1/ volume 225/ cert# 1784

Perryman, Archie Henry 2-11-1893 Fulton Garner,Annie Bell
cert 1785 (see first listing for this surname for year/binder/volume)

Perryman, Arthur Neil 11-17-1897 Izard Brummitt,Lucy Frances
cert 1786

Perryman, Claude Jefferson 5-28-1898 Izard Reed,Rosa Emiline
cert 1790

Perryman, Edgar 2-4-1900 Fulton Barber,Julie
cert 1791

Perryman,Edgar Elexander Franklin 12-7-1893 Izard Gray,Donnie
cert 1792 (index has Elexander ???probably Alexander...and Gray should
probably be BRAY)

Perryman,James Edword 11-9-1888 Izard McKorney,Sarah
cert 1794 (sarah appears to be first wife of William S. Perryman...who
died about the time of James Edward's birth...Reed Mack Perryman had her
listed as Sallie McCamie)

Perryman,Jeffrey Jackson 12-3-1894 Izard Hays,Maggie E.
cert 1796

Campbell, Arthur G. 5-29-1880 Izard Perryman,Susan C
year 1942/binder 1/vol 032/ cert# 231

Campbell, Emma E. 11-13-1882 Izard Perryman,Susan C
cert 260 (see first listing for this surname for year/binder/volume)

Campbell,William Robert 7-27-1885 Izard Perryman,Sussan
cert 369

Conrad, Mary Willie 11-26-1893 Izard Lennox,Sarah Belle
year 1942/binder 1/vol 045/cert 2917

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