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From: "Bernie Moore-Knowles" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Indian - Haskell Institute - Peggy
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 14:17:47 -0600
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That sure rings a bell...............Haskell Institue? Can't place it,
though. Another one of those brain freezes, I guess.

I am working around the clock here on Hawai'i. Readying to open a much
larger store - and this following the Christmas rush and the season for


I'm ready for a vacation! LOL Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks Peggy...............and you are so right about the government issued
clothing for the Indian children. Which reminds me to an extent of a funny
story that Cyndy told me once; with great humor:

Cyndy was born in about 1946 or so; I think and one of my dearest friends.
Raised there in Tahlequah among what was left of the full bloods. I think
that Cyndy told me that she was three quarters blood quantum, I want to say?

Anyway, Cyndy tells me that she, three of her older sisters and her mother
took the train to Muskogee one Saturday morning. Shopping in the "big city"
and her mother; who is a full blood - had some business at the courthouse.
This would have been about 1952 or so. So, the family of females are at the
Muskogee courthouse and Cyndy needs to go to the bathroom. She's just a
little tot. She said that her mother absentmindly tells her where it is;
points to the general direction of the ladies room and goes on talking to
the clerk.

Cyndy says that she goes to the restroom area and is dumbfounded and a bit
confused. Seems there is a bathroom for "Colored" and for "Whites." Says
that she was in a delimma (sp). So, needing to go just real bad, she runs
back over to where her mother is and says, "Mama, which one do I use? I'm
not Colored and I ain't White!"


They can make everything crystal clear, can't they?

Bernie Moore-Knowles
Papa'aloa, Hawai'i

"Swaying palms in paradise........"
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From: "Peggy Truesdell" <>
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Sent: Monday, January 10, 2005 5:19 PM
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Indian research - Donna and Janice

> In Oklahoma, believe we know this as Haskell Intstitute -- just over
Kansas line, but some west of Arkansas City. So -- did they rename it? I
am familiar with both names, just not sure if it's same place -- or two
different ones.
> My great-niece's husband, Creek Indian from Okemah, Oklahoma, who recently
completed his stint as U.S. Marine, is preparing to go there soon. His
wife, Sarah, enlisted in U.S. Air Force and leaves in January for basic.
> Children of Indian families around Broken Arrow would attend school there.
My sister (b. 1925) said they would sometimes go long enough to get
government-issued clothing and shoes. Then, return to school at Broken
Arrow. June said the girls sure didn't like those dresses, and would find
ways to get rid of them.
> Peggy
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