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From: "Vera Reeves" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Re: Chiggers (off topic)
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 20:55:41 -0600
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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Re: Chiggers (off topic)

> once you have the chiggers the best way to relieve the itching is in the
> Kitchen cabnets. Baking soda paste does wonders for itching. So does
> oatmeal. Aveno has oatmeal bathes for itching but just take the course
> oaatmeal and put it in the blender. You have pretty much the same thing
> for a lot less
> Lena
> wrote:
> Guys, I hate to tell you that the old Ozark home remedy for chiggers and
> their itching is a tiny bit of good old Clorox bleach in full tub of bath
> water.
> It works because it soothes the skin. Interestingly, this treatment is
> also
> effective with dogs who have skin mites. I don't know what the specifics
> are but
> it is an effective approach for relief from the itching.
> Warning: Use very little in a bathtub full of water but it helps the itch
> disappear!
> Beth
> In a message dated 3/2/2006 4:12:40 PM Central Standard Time,
> writes:
>> What is gross, they lay their eggs under the skin...
> Nope. That's a myth. (See my post from this morning.) It's only when
> they're in the larval stage they pose any threat. The
> larvae live in the grass and sense you coming by the carbon dioxide you
> exhale. They crawl onto you, find a suitable place to set
> up shop, and attach themselves to your skin (not under it) much like a
> tick.
> They then inject saliva which contains an enzyme that
> liquefies some of the skin cells and drink up -- not your blood but the
> liquefied skin cells. Once they're full they fall or crawl
> off. By the time you itch the little bugger is likely long gone. It's the
> enzymes in the saliva left behind that cause the intense
> itching.
> The only ones that lay eggs are adults, and the adults don't bother you.
> They don't lay their eggs on you or under your skin.
> Sealing the bite off from the air is supposed to help, hence the nail
> polish
> remedy. I suspect Super Glue or some of that liquid
> bandage stuff (which is essentially the same thing as Super Glue, only
> more
> expensive) would serve the same purpose. I've found Off
> seems to work pretty well as a preventive. Skin-So-Soft seemed to attract
> them in my case, but I've heard it works well for others.
> Hydrocortisone cream (Rx strength) had little effect as a treatment
> either.
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