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Descendants of Elisha Chism

Generation No. 1

1. ELISHA1 CHISM (JOHNA, JOHNB, JAMESC) was born circa 1746, and died Oct
30, 1827 in Lawrence County, Arkansas. He married (1) ELIZABETH WALDEN 1787
in Lincoln County, Kentucky. He married (2) WINNIFERD "WENNY" RUSSELL??
UNKNOWN Aft. 1797. She died Aft. 1850.



Special thanks to Vickie Lomon for all her hard work.

Our Chisms remain something of a mystery in spite of a great deal of
knowledge about them.

Let us start with the version handed down by Owen Goodman "Happy" Kendrick.

Excerpt from a story by Owen Goldman "Happy" Kendrick, born September 22,
1880, died November 30, 1969. This appears to be the source for the
Adam/Spring Flower Dark legend.

".......She was a direct descendant of the Cherokee Indians, both from her
Father's side and also from her Mother's side. I do not know the exact
amount of the Cherokee strain that her Father had. But her Mother, Elizabeth
Ann Gray Walker, was one half Cherokee Indian blood, and her ancestry went
back to the name of Adam Dark, who was one of the Cherokee Indian Chiefs
when the tribe was moved from Georgia to Alabama, to the west of the
Mississippi River, into Arkansas and the old Indian Territory, which later
became the State of Oklahoma. Adam Dark, the old Cherokee Chief, was the
Grandfather of Elizabeth Ann Gray.

I do now know Adam Dark's Indian name. But his English name is on the old
Cherokee Indian Rolls. The moving of the Cherokee Tribe and some of the
smaller Indian Tribes from the states of Georgia and Alabama, to Arkansas
and the old Indian Territory, was done about the year of 1818-1820. This
Movement of the Indians was forcable done by the United States Government,
and in violation of all Treaty Rights. It was known as the "Trail of Tears".
Many of the Indians perishing on the trip. But they were forced to go by
Troops of the United States Army.

One of the Chief Adam Dark's children was a daughter called Spring Flower. I
do not know her Indian name, but the name of Spring Flower has been handed
down thru past generations. At any rate this daughter married a full-blooded
Cherokee Indian, named Ben Chism. I do not know his Indian name. A daughter
of this marriage, Elizabeth, married a white man, named Thomas Gray, in the
old Cherokee Nation of the Indian Territory. They afterwards moved into
Izard County, Arkansas, settling on lower Rocky Bayou Creek. There Elizabeth
Ann Gray was born on May 14, 1821. So Elizabeth Ann Gray married Hartwell B.
Walker, who also had a heavy strain of Cherokee Indian blood, about the year
of 1846-1847. She became the mother of Harriet Elizabeth Walker, Lucretia
Ann Walker, and William Wiley Walker...."

Just how much of this is fact and how much is myth is uncertain. The forced
movement of the Eastern Cherokee known as the "Trail of Tears" took place in
1838-1839 at the end of the Jackson adminstration, not the years 1818-1820.
We believe it to be a fact that Elizabeth Ann Gray was the daughter of John
Thomas Gray and Elizabeth Chism. Elizabeth Ann Gray had a younger sister,
Rachel, who married Joseph Love Byler, the parents of great-grandfather
Augustus Calvin Byler:

1850 Rocky Bayou Township

222 GRAY John 56 KY Farmer (c1794)

Elizabeth 56 SC (*nee Chism mother of Elizabeth above)

Rachael 12 AR *great-great-grandmother married Joseph Love Byler

NEAL James F. 12? TN

Additionally, another Chism, Ellender, who appears to be a sister of
Elizabeth, married John Adam Walker II, the parents of Hartwell B. who
married Elizabeth Gray. If this is the case than Hartwell B. Walker and his
wife, Elizabeth Ann Gray were first cousins.

Other Chisms in the area were; Benjamin who is the right age to be the
brother of Elizabeth and Ellender and Sarah "Sally" Chism who married Andrew
Walker. At least one Chism researcher claims that this younger Benjamin
Chism was married to Mary "Polly" Walker the daughter of John Adam Walker I.
[RDH Note: I have come to doubt this. Harriet Walker's bible record makes no
mention of John Adam having a daughter named Mary"Polly".] This would
indicate that the generation that Happy Kendrick refers to as Benjamin Chism
and Springflower dark had the following children:

i. Elizabeth born circa 1794 who married John Thomas Gray.

ii. Benjamin born circa 1796 who married Mary "Polly" Walker??

iii.Ellender born circa 1797 who married John Adam Walker II

iv. Sarah "Sally" born circa 1809 who married Andrew Walker. **MORE RECENT

It would seem very likely based on the age spread that there may have been
others between Ellender and Sarah. What follows are the census records for
these siblings in 1830:


WALKER, JOHN JR. 1 2 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1

ELISHA (1825-1830)___ | | | | |

HARTWELL(1820-1825) | | | |

JOHN (1820-1825)_____ | | | |

JOHN,JR.(1800-1810) __________ | | |

SALLY (1825-1830) ___________________ | |

ELLENDER(1800-1810) ________________________ | nee CHISM


WALKER Andrew 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 1 0

Andrew born c1803 1800-1810____ | | |

Two girls under 5 (don't know names)________ | |

Sally born c1809 1800-1810_________________________ | nee CHISM(Hightower)


GRAY, John 0 2 1 0 0 1 0 1 2 1 0 1 010000

Two boys 1820-1825 __ | | | | | | | | Slave

Boy 1815-1820___________ | | | | | |

John 1790-1800 b:c1794_________| | | | |

Girl 1820-1825 Right age for Elizabeth w/o Hartwell_ | | | |

Girls 1815-1820 _________________________________ | | |

Girl 1810-1815_____________________________________| |

Elizabeth 1790-1800 b:c1794 _____________________________ | nee CHISM


CHISOLM, Benjamin 2 2 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 2

1825-1830 | | | | | |

WILLIAM 1827 | | | | | |

BENJAMIN 1828 _______ | | | | | |

1820-1825 | | | | |

ELISHA 1821 | | | | |

& UNKNOWN _____________| | | | |

Benjamin c1796 (wrong 1800-1810 __| | | |

1825-1830 ??___________________________ | | |

1820-1825 ?? _____________________________ | |

POLLY & UNKNOWN 1800-1810 ___________________ | nee WALKER??

Although these children are real, their relationship to each other is less
than certain, and the existance of the elder Benjamin Chism and Springflower
is even more so. There was an older generation that could fit the time and
location for these folks however. They are Elisha and Winnifred Chism of
Lawrence and Izard County. Here is Winnifred in 1830 Izard County:


CHISOLM, Winnifred 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1

"My son Washington Childers" | |

1810-1815 15-20 _______________ | |

Winnifred 70-80 born 1750-1760******______________________ |


Winnifred is mentioned as the wife of Elisha in his 1827 will:


In the name of God amen I ELISHA CHISM of the County of Lawrence and
Territory of Arkansas being in a low State of health though Sound in mind do
make and Subscribe this my last will and Testament in words and manner
following to wit first after my burial expences are paid I desire and order
that all my just Debts be paid Second I give and bequeath to my wife WINNY
CHISM all my property both real and personal to hold the Same in fee Simple
dureing her life and further to divide and To dispose of the Same to and
among my children as to her may Seem best Third I give and bequeath to my
Son WASHINGTON CHILDERS(sic Chism) a certain roan Colt called Bollaway I do
likewise consitiute and appoint my wife the Sole executrix of this my last
will and Testament

In testimony whereof I do hereby Set my hand and affix my Seal this Twenty
Second Day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight Hundred and
Twenty Seven

Witness Elisha Chism (Seal)

Spencer Crouch

Lurany Crouch

filed and Recorded November 1st

Reuben Richardson Clerk

Territory of Arkansas} October Term of the circuit

County of Lawrence } Court 1827

I Reuben Richardson Clerk of the circuit court within and for the county of
Lawrence to all who Shall See these presents Greetings know ye that the last
will and Testament of ELISHA CHISM deceased was this day proven in open
court according to Law and WINNEY CHISM the Executrix therein named having
given bond and Security as the law demand She is therefore authorized to
administer Said estate first by paying the debts of the Said deceased and
then the legacy contained in Said will as far as his goods and chattals
rights and credits will extend and the Law charge them

Witness Reuben Richardson Clerk of our Said court at office this 31st day of
October AD 1827 and of the Independence of the United States of America the
fifty Second year

Reuben Richardson Clerk

Recorded November 3d AD 1827

Reuben Richardson Clerk

This will only mentions a son, Washington Childers/Chism, by name, but it
does indicate there were other children, "...further to divide and To
dispose of the Same to and among my children as to her may Seem best..."

One need also notice that Benjamin Chism had a son named Elisha and so did
John Walker, Jr.

There are other indications that other members of Elisha Chism's extended
family were in the Izard County area. The following abstract identifies
other family members:

WARREN COUNTY, KY, DEED BOOK 16 1/2 PAGE 153/154/155

This indenture made this 27th day of May 1835 between unknown heirs of
Precilla Hill, the unknown heirs of James Chism, the unknown heirs of ELIJAH
CHISM, the unknown heirs of John Chism, the unknown heirs of ELISHA CHISM,
the unknown heirs of ELEANOR CHISUM, the unknown heirs of Moses Estes, the
unknown heirs of Nancy Estes, the unknown heirs of Wm Estes, the unknown
heirs of Chisum Estes, the unknown heirs of Elijah Estes, the unknown heirs
of John Estes, the unknown heirs of Tabetha Huntsman, Obediah Chism, Sally
PATILLO, Abraham Estes, Joseph Estes, Joseph Jordan, Elizabeth Jordan,
William PATILLO....

The elder Elisha's parents are clearly identified when you look at this
abstract and the will of his maternal grandfather, Nicholas Gillentine:

Will of Nicholas Gillentine

Halifax County, Virginia

October 21, 1772

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Nicholas Gillington of Halifax Co., being weak
in body but in sound and perfect sense and memory, thanks be to God for
same, Calling to mind that men must die and after that must come to
judgement, do consider that what of our affairs are not settled in this life
cannot be settled hereafter, do make and ordain this, my last will and
testament, acknowledging this to be my last will and testament, disannulling
all other will wills whatsoever, and to proceed, I shall give my estate as
followeth, to-wit: I give to my daughter Catherine Brown one feather bed, to
her and her heirs; to Elizabeth Collins I give one feather bed, to her and
her heirs; to Elizabeth Chisum, daughter of John Chisum, I give one feather
bed, to her and her heirs; to my son John Gillington I have given 400 acres
of land which I intended should be his full portion, nevertheless, to take
matters out of dispute, I give to his heirs five pounds cash. To John Chisum
I give the land and plantation which I now possess in Amelia Co., containing
300 acres, to be at his own disposal for which reason he is to pay to
Catherine Brown or to her heirs, -20. current money; to Elizabeth Collins or
her heirs, -20.; to Ann Hillsman or her heirs, -20.; to Eleanor Chisum or
her heirs, -20.; to Priscilla Hendrick, my granddaughter, or her
heirs, -20.; and as for my negro woman Rose, she shall choose her mistress
among my daughters, and they that she shall choose shall pay -20. to be
equally divided among all my children now living and my two granddaughters,
which is Elizabeth Chisum, wife of John Estes, and Jerushea, daughter of
John Gillington, deceased. I therefore make and ordain John Chisum my whole
and sole executor of this, my last will and testament, made in the year
1772, and on the 21st day of October.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand.

Nicholas Gillington


John Dyer

John Templeton

Elizabeth Lack

We have established that Eleanor Gillington/Gillentine married John Chism.

That they had a daughter Elizabeth who married John Estes.

These facts prove that the Warren County, Ky, abstract for John and Eleanor
Chism are the one in the same.

>From that abstract we know more of the Estes heirs; William Estes, Chism
Estes, Elijah Estes, Moses Estes, Abraham Estes, and Joseph Estes.

That other heirs were Elisha Chism and his brothers Elijah, John, James and

Although I have seen no proof, we should remain open to the possibility that
the Estes of Izard County are related to this family.

Elijah Chism, the brother of Elisha, had a son-in-law Jesse Dodson who also
had heirs in Izard and Fulton County.

Based on these and other notes that I will detail elsewhere, I believe it is
very likely that the Chisms who married into the Gray and Walker families in
Arkansas were the children of Elisha and Winnifred Chism. That there may
have been some confusion in the retelling of oral history between Benjamin
Chism and his father. If the Happy Kendrick story is true it is yet to be


Marriage: 1787, Lincoln County, Kentucky


Winnifred Chisolm: 1 male 15/19 (1811-1815) and one female 70/79 (1740-1760)

If Wenny were over 70 in 1831 than she was born by 1761.

Assuming that Elisha Jr was her husband one would think they would be of
similar age. If that were the case and Elisha Jr was born c1761 than Elisha
Sr would have only been about 15 when they got married, which seems pretty

On the other hand, if Wenny was 64 in 1850 Randolph than she was born c

That would make her only 8 when Elizabeth was born indicating that Elisha Jr
was married before.

Thanks to a Gist family researcher we have the following research from
Washington County, NC:

page 181 and the account is as follows: Washington County, Feb. 23-Court
Journal -At a court begun and held for the county of Washington, Feb. 23,
1778, Present, John Carter, Chairman, John Sevier, Jacob Womack, Robert
Lucas, Andrew Greer, John Shelby, George Russell, William Been (Bean?),
Zachariah Isbell, John McNabb, Thomas Houghton, William Clark, John McMahan,
BENJAMIN GIST, John Chisholm, (now spelled by many Chism), Joseph Wilson,
William Cobb, James Stuart, Michael Woods, Richard White, Benjamin Willson,
James Robertson and Voluntine Sevier, Esqs. On Tuesday, next day, John
Sevier was chosen Clerk of the county; Valentine Sevier, Sheriff; James
Stuart, Surveyor; John Carter, Entry-Taker; John McMahan, Register; Jacob
Womack, Strayor Master; and John McNabb, Coroner.

This note from a Russell researcher concerning William Been:In a foot note:
George and John Russell are listed as brothers-in-law of William Bean.
George Russell was a captain under Sevier in the Battle of King's Mountain.

George and John were brothers-in-law by virtue of the fact that William Bean
married their sister Lydia. Here are some interesting notes on her from the
Russell Genforum:

Lydia was the mother of the folowing children .William,Robert,George,Sarah,
Jane,Jesse,John, Edmund and Russell.

Jane was killed by indians when she went to a nearby spring to do some
washing, some indians were hiding in the thickets and came out,killed and
scalped her 12 Nov,1799

Russell was famed for being the first white child born in TN. The cabin in
which William Bean built and that Russell was born in is off of Hwy 23 on
the outskirts of Johnson City TN. there is a Historical marker on the road.
the marker itself is hard to get to if you don't have a guide. but it is
described like this.....

7ft tall 5 ft square at the bas and reads....

Site if Cabin erected by William Bean

Russell Bean first white child born on Tennessee soil

Born here.

Lydia Russell Bean was captured 1776 as she rode her horse tword Ft Lee at
Watauga. she was taken to the Cherokee camp on the Nolichucky River.she was
questioned and told she was going to be killed.They asked her where the
forst were, how many men were there,and if they could be starved out.

Lydia told her captors that there were many men and they were well supplied
to last any kind of attack. Lydia was then taken to Toquo and tied to a
stake at the top of a large mound.the fire was then lighted around her when
a women names Nancy Ward arrived.she scattered the fire to put it out and
then cut Lydia free.

Lydia taught Nancy and the other Cherokee women the art of making butter and
cheese. Due to Lydia's training Nancy Ward became the first feamle owner of
a herd of cattle. The indians up untill them showed a great dislike for the
"white man's Buffalo"

Soon there gathered about Bean on Boone's and Cedar Creeks (in what became
Washington County) a number of his relatives and old neighbors from
Pittsylvania and adjoining counties. Among the many wre his sons, John and
William, his wife's brothers, George and John Russell, Thomas Hardeman, John
Chisholm, William Stone, and George Gray. (In a foot note: George and John
Russell are listed as brothers-in-law of William Bean. George Russell was a
captain under Sevier in the Battle of King's Mountain.) This phase of Bean's
career, that of colonizer, gives him an added and striking significance in
our history. Such a colonizer must rank above a fortuitous "first settler,"
combining, of necessity, dependability, initiative, probity and the
qualities that not only win confidence but hold and bind followers. Bean
demonstrated all these qualities in his life on the Watauga.

Interesting to see the name of George Gray here. Note here as well that John
Chisholm, George and John Russell, and William Bean are on or near Boone and
Cedar Creeks where Major William Russell was as well:

Re Agnes Russell recorded on the Bear Creek Baptist Church Roll with Major
William Russell as constituting menbers in 1817. The town of Russellville
Franklin County Alabama was named after Major William Russell.

Public Record:: Agnes Russell was recorded on the Boling Fork Baptist Church
Roll with Major William Russell. The first Court and Muster was held at the
home of Major William Russell on the Boling Fork of the Elk River near the
present site of Cowan, Franklin County Tennessee in 1808.

Agnes Russell and William Russell sold a small 50 acre tract on Boons Creek
adjoining Capt. George Russell in 1784.

Dicey Russell reported her birth year of 1783-84 in North Carolina.

The Watauga Settlement of Virginia was annexed to the state of North
Carolina by and Act of the General Assembly in 1782

Agnes Russell as the wife of William Russell recorded a 50 acre track in
North Carolina records in 1782 on Boons Creek.

William Russell recorded a land entry of 50 acres on Boons Creek in
September of 1779.

Mary Russell daughter of Major William Russell reported her birth state as
Virginia being near 70 year old in 1850.

Major William Russell moved to Tennessee at an early age and served under
General and Col. John Sevier.

John Russell recorded land on Boons Creek in 1775 and was on Captains
William Bean's Company tax roll with one other John Russell and two George
Russell's but no William Russell in 1778. John Russell lived in Major
William Russell's reported native county and state. John Russell lived
adjoining Captain William Bean on the Dan river in Virginia before 1763 and
were reported as brother-in-laws. Captain William Bean married John Russell
sister Lydia Russell

The Major William Russell that the town Russellville Alabama was named for
was born about 1762 reported in Rutherford County North Carolina. Rutherford
County NC was formed in 1779 from Old Tyron County NC. that existed for some
10 years. In 1769 the year Captain William Bean moved to Boons Creek that
became the Watauga Settlement of Va. and N.Carolina, Washington County North
Carolina and the state of Tennessee in 1796. John Russell the reported
brother-in-law was in the same area of Captain William Bean in Va. on the
Dan River and Boons Creek the Watauga Settlement of Va., NC. and Tennessee
and the reported area of Major William Russell birth place between 1763 and
1769. Major William Russell Daughter Mary Russell born 1780 Va. Married
Martin Little in May of 1800 in Barren County Kentucky. An Act was passed by
the North Carolina General Asembly and the Boons Creek Deeds were recorded
as North Carolina Grants in 1782. Dicey Russell, Major William Russell
belived to be the second daughter was born 1783-84 in North Carolina. Dicey
Russell married Solomon Wagner [born 1776 in NC.] 10 Dec 1799 in Barren
County Kentucky. Absolom Russell is calualuated to be the third child born
about 1785 and died in Nov. 1813 "War of 1812". Absolom Russell served as
county clerk of Franklin County Tennessee from 1808 till 1813. Captain
William Russell born 1787-89 married Lydia Russell about 1811. Both their
parents Major William Russell and Jesse and Elizabeth Mitchell Bean were
residents of Franklin County Tennessee in 1807-08. William and Lydia Bean
died in the 1860's in Crawford County Arkansas. There are two birth years
for Edmond Russell 1791 Tn. and 1794 Tn. from the census. Edmond was in the
war of 1812, served as county clerk of Franklin County Tennessee from
1813-14 til 1834 followed by a nephew Wiley B. Wagner [b. 1807]. Edmond
married Heneritta "Ritta" Sargent dau of James Sargent before 1820 and had
five sons William, Rufus S., unknown, John Caldwell b. 1831 and Edmond
Russell Jr. Edmond and family were in Crawford County Arkansas by 1850 and
Grayson County Texas by 1852 and died in Merced County California in 1873.
the 6th child of Major William Russell was Margaret "Peggy" Russell married
Temple Sargent before 1810 living in Franklin County Tennessee. Temple and
Rettia Sargent were Children of James and Jenny Sargent of Va. and NC and
Franklin County Tennessee. Peggy Russell Sargent died after 1820 in Franklin
County Alabama with 4 reported children. Temple Sargent was a demecrat and
strong Baptist maried and had a large family after Peggy's death. The last
know son of Major William Russell was George Russell. George Russell was
born about 1794 enlisted in the war of 1812 and died in the early 1830's in
Franklin County Alabama. George Married Nancy Brooks and had one son James
Russell in Franklin County Tennessee. James and his wife were killed in a
river boat explosion on the Red River. One son is know of this marriage of
James Russell's named Stillhouse H. Russell served as county Attorney of
Bastrop County Texas. George Russell married Leah in 1820 and had several
more children. This George Russell is protrayed by Buddy Edsen in the movie
Davy Crockett and the River Boat Pirates by Walt Disney.

Major William Russell was in Franklin County Alabama in June of 1817 from
Bear Creek Baptist Church records til his death in [16th] March of 1825.

Between 1807-08 and 1816-17 in Franklin County Tennessee. The first Court,
Muster and the Boling Fork Baptist Church were held at his home on the
Boling Fork of the Elk River near the present day town of Cowan
Tennessee.[see the city park]

Major William Russell was in Smith- Jackson-Overton County Tennessee between
1800 and 1808 from Bob Russell excellent report in the Historical Tidings,
of Franklin County Tennessee Vol XXIX, No.4 Oct 1997' PO BOX 130 Winchester,
Tennessee 37398-0130 Recorded in the report were Captain or Major Russell,
George Russell, Edmond Russell Sr., Edmond Russell Jr., Isham or[Isom]
Russell, Absolom Russell and apparently Two William Russell on Russell Mill
Creek. John Russell recorded land in Smith County Tennessee with William and
Isham or Isom Russell.

Major William Russell recorded land on Indian Creek in Barren County
Kentucky in 1799 and on Indian Creek in 1792 and one Captain William Russell
recorded land on Indian Creek a Va. Grant in Jefferson Couty Kentucky on the
20TH Aug 1786 nine miles above the mouth of Indian Creek and the Walker
Daniels Line. Agnes Russell was recorded in Franklin County Alabama,
Franklin County Tennessee, and in 1784 and 1782 on Boons Creek in the
Wataugha Settlement of Virginia and North Carolina as the wife of William
Russell. William Russell recorded gentle-mans entry # 1682 in book # 44 Page
259 20th Sept of 1779 near the age of 17 years based on a birth year of 1762
and Mary Russell Little birth year of 1780 born in Va. and Dicey Russell
Wagner birth year of 1783-84 in NC and Major William Russell removing to
Tennessee at an early age and serving under General John Sevier who moved to
the area from Va. about 1773. Major William Russell would have been of age
to have served some five years in the Virginia Military by 1786

These notes tie the same Russell family of Washington District North
Carolina (in fact east Tennessee) to the family of John Chism. Note also the
names in the family of William Russell, most notably Isham(Isom) Russell.
Here is the Texas family of Elijah (s/o John [b/o Elijah, Sr]) in 1850
Texas. This Elijah had a son named Ishom Russell Chism.

CENSUS YR: 1850 STATE or TERRITORY: TX COUNTY: Nacogdoches REEL NO: 432-913
PAGE NO: 060a

REFERENCE: Oct 17, 1850 R.C. Hamil

27 96 96 Chisum Elijah 77 M Farmer 250 Virginia *s/o John Wenny&Elisha

28 96 96 Chisum Salina 45 F Tennessee

29 96 96 Chisum Thomason 14 M Tennessee X

30 96 96 Chisum Rebecca 12 F Texas X

31 96 96 Chisum Andrew 5 M Texas

32 97 97 Chisum Madison 27 M Farmer 320 Mississippi

33 97 97 Chisum Margaret 27 F Alabama

34 97 97 Chisum Henry 6 M Texas

35 97 97 Chisum James 4 M Texas

36 97 97 Chisum Elija 2 M Texas

37 97 97 Chisum Andrew 2/12 M Texas

Here is Isom in nearby Rusk County along with descendants of Nimrod and
Elizabeth (Chism) Dodson. I threw the Grays in just in case. You will recall
there were Grays inmarried with the Izard County Chisms:


PAGE NO: 497 REFERENCE: 185 Roll

30 182 182 Dodson Laban 57 M W Farmer 7,000 TN

31 182 182 Dodson Margaret 45 F W NC


PAGE NO: 520

4 199 199 Dodson Jesse 49 M W Butcher TN

5 199 199 Dodson Amanda 37 F W TN

6 210 210 Chisum Isom 30 M W Farmer 3,200 MS **Isham Russell Chisum

7 210 210 Chisum Charlotte 25 F W TX

8 210 210 Chisum Felix R. 9 M W TX

9 210 210 Chisum John T. 7 M W TX

10 210 210 Chisum Isom 4 M W TX

11 210 210 Chisum Samuel 2 M W TX

12 210 210 Chisum Permelia 70 M W KY

10 241 241 Chisum Thomas G. 45 M W Farmer 500 TN X

11 241 241 Chisum Malinda 40 F W TN X

12 241 241 Chisum Parilee 17 F W TN

12 329 329 Dodson Sarah F. 14 F W AL

13 241 241 Chisum Talbot 15 M W student TN

14 241 241 Chisum William 13 M W TX

15 241 241 Chisum Sis 9 F W TX

15 241 241 Chisum Andrew 11 M W TX

16 241 241 Chisum Paxham 7 M W TX

17 241 241 Chisum Adaline 5 F W TX

18 242 242 Lester William 61 M W Cabinetmaker 2,000 SC X

19 241 241 Chisum John 2 M W TX

19 248 248 Gray Robert 63 M W Farmer 1,000 NC X

20 248 248 Gray Cynthia 63 F W TN X

21 248 248 Gray Mary H. 34 F W TN

22 248 248 Gray Cynthia C. 17 F W TN

23 249 249 Gray William 36 M W Millwright 640 TN

24 249 249 Gray Robert N. 10 M W AL

25 249 249 Gray Mary 8 F W AL

26 249 249 Gray Susan 5 F W AL

9 329 329 Dodson Elijah 41 M W Physician 2,000 NC X

10 329 329 Dodson Jane F. 35 F W NC

11 329 329 Dodson Frances M. 16 M W STudent AL

13 329 329 Dodson Judson E. 7/12 M W TX

Anyway, this is a very long-winded way to say that Wenny being a Russell
looks like a very good possibility to me. I would look for her to be a
sister of Major William??


Marriage: Aft. 1797


i. ELIZABETH2 CHISM, b. circa 1794, South Carolina per the 1860 census.; m.
JOHN THOMAS GRAY; b. circa 1794, Kentucky.




222 GRAY John 56 KY Farmer

Elizabeth 56 SC

Rachael 12 AR *great-great-grandmother

NEAL James F. 12? TN

223 GRAY George W. 25 AR

Barbary 18 TN

Sarah P. 3/12 AR

1850 Franklin Township, Izard County, Arkansas

416 TAYLOR Henry 37 KY Farmer

Polly 31 AR ***Polly Gray

Elizabeth 11 AR

John 8 AR

William 6 AR

Ambrose 3 AR

Polly is mentioned as an heir of John Gray in an 1874 deed transaction.

1850 Union Township, Izard County, Arkansas

382 GRAY William 35 AR Farmer

Jane 34 KY **** Wren

Elizabeth 11 AR

William B. 9 AR

Sarah J. 7 AR

Charity 5 AR

James 2 AR

PARSONS Joel 19 TN Farmer


1880 Mill Creek Township, Izard County, Arkansas

William O. ARNOLD Self M Male W 33 TN Farming TN TN

Charity ARNOLD Wife M Female W 34 AR Keeping House AR KY

William E. ARNOLD Son S Male W 13 AR At Home TN AR

Mary J. ARNOLD Dau S Female W 10 AR At Home TN AR

Mahala F. ARNOLD Dau S Female W 7 AR At Home TN AR

Laura E. ARNOLD Dau S Female W 3 AR At Home TN AR

John W. ARNOLD Son S Male W 1 AR At Home TN AR

* Charity was nee Gray, mentioned as an heir of John Gray in an 1874 deed.

1880 Lacrosse Township, Izard County, Arkansas

John W. WOMACK Self M Male W 29 MO Farmer NC TN

Sarah Jane WOMACK Wife M Female W 35 AR Keeping House KY KY

Elizabeth WOMACK Dau S Female W 6 AR MO AR

Agnes WOMACK Dau S Female W 5 AR MO AR

van Buren WOMACK Son S Male W 11M AR MO AR

* Sarah Jane is mentioned as an heir of John Gray in the 1874 deed.



1850 Sylamore Township, Izard County , Arkansas

90 GRAY John W. 59 TN Farmer

Sarah 38 AL

Emily J. 12 MS

Sarah C. 10 MS

James 12 MS

Arminta F 4 AR

93 GRAY John H. 35 AL Farmer

Martha M. 29 MS

Sarah J. 13 MS

Nancy C. 11 MS

James M. 9 MS

William D. 8 MS

Margarett L. 6 MS

Martha M. 5 MS

Elizabeth M. 2 AR

95 GRAY William 38 AL Farmer

Nancy 41 TN

Sarah E. 15 MS

John W. 13 MS

William B. 6 MS

James M. 4 MS

Thomas J. 1 AR


1850 Rocky Bayou Township, Izard County, Arkansas

159 GRAY John 29 AR Farmer

Phebe 22 AR

George W. 7 AR

John 6 AR

Mary J. 5 AR

Margarett E. 2 AR

Henry L. 9/12 AR


ii. BENJAMIN CHISM, b. circa 1796; m. MARY "POLLY" WALKER??; b. circa 1803.


1830 Izard Co.Ar. listed:

Benjamin Chisolm: 22001 11002

MALES: 2 males u/5 (1825-1830), 2 males 5/9 (1821-1825), 1 male 20/29
(1801-1810), 1 female u/5 (1825-1830), 1 female 5/9 (1821-1825), 2 females
20/29 (1801-1810)

1850 Izard Co.


161 CHISM Benjamin 54 ? (

Polly 47 NC (

William 23 AR Farmer (

Benjamin 22 AR (

Wenney F 19 AR (

James 17 AR (

Elizabeth 14 AR (

Thomas 10 AR (

Isham 8 AR (

Henderson 6 AR (

Washington 3 AR (

Notes for MARY "POLLY" WALKER??:

An anonymous Chism researcher claims Mary "Polly", wife of Benjamin Chism,
was the daughter of John Adam Walker. If so, she was likely a twin to

[RDH Note: I have come to doubt that Mary was John Adam Walker's daughter.
Harriet Walker's bible makes no mention of her and names all the other

iii. ELLENDER CHISM, b. circa 1797; m. JOHN A WALKER; b. Jun 26, 1801.

Notes for JOHN A WALKER:

1840 Izard County

John A Walker 2 1 1 1 0 0 1 2 0 2 0 0 1

1850 Rocky Bayou Township, Izard County, Arkansas

195 195 John A Walker MW 50 NC

Ellendar FW 53 KY

Elisa FW 20 AR

Sally FW 17 AR

Andrew MW 15 AR

James MW 13 AR

Jane FW 11 AR

Hardy MW 8 AR

196 196 James King MW 23 TN

Elizabeth FW 23 AR





vii. JOHN CHISM, b. circa 1822.

viii. RUSSELL W CHISM, b. circa 1826.

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> Hi everybody!
> Another little hunt for a couple I know little about.
> I guess there was an Elisha CHISM, md. twice.
> A dau by the first marriage was Elizabeth ca 1794 md. John Thomas
> GRAY.(lived Izard co.)
> A son by the second marriage was George Washington md. Jane LANKFORD.
> (md. Lawrence co.) d/o Arthur/Arc Lankford, 1/2 sister to Elizabeth Baker
> Lankford
> Does anyone in the group know 1) did George & Jane have children & 2) are
> the
> two Chism children 1/2 or full siblings?
> (there were more siblings)
> Gen
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