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From: Beth Cooper <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Benjamin Elisha Chism - Mildred & Roger, others!
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2008 10:35:04 -0700 (PDT)

 Hi all!
I'm back! at least, partly for the day! You've got my undivided attention, I had found this page misfiled in a LINZY folder,
it appearred to be a list of names from the Indian Rolls with some interesting info----so if you didn't have this take a look
Indian Rolls                              Comm #    Off#     Report #        year                 status
Elisha Arnold                             5760         ---          ----            ----               Barred
Elizabeth Fitzhugh                     19803        210           9              1879             Disallowed
Edwin Pugh                              10786        ---           ---              ---                Barred (7 images in packet)
?Isham Sheffield                        18661        ---           4               1874             Allowed
John A. Sheffield                          4490       ---            2               1872            Allowed
Jane H. Turner                           10803*     ---           ---               ----             Barred (5 images in packet)
                       Izard AR               5759       ---            2               1872            Allowed (Could not find)
Jane H. Turner, Etal                   20017-8    ---           ---               ---               Barred (Could not find)
                        Chatham, GA
Hartwell B. Walker                      5761       148           8               1878             Disallowed (27 images in packet)
(What makes this so strange, I found the page in a folder with another page, LINZY family AR/OK/TX
with three individuals' names and email addys---nothing else!  Now, whether I had thought that some of these
names were some how connected to ???someone? I was researching at the time and have now forgotten or if
it was specfically because of the Izard connection-----I don't know?  Obviously, it was prior to my getting picky about
documentation so no telling how old it is-----doesn't even have a note about the list or listing document. Did I get it from
a comprehensive list of all the Indian Rolls or of someone's person list.   I do know that I was not the person who made the
notes about status because I have not collected boxes of files from the Indian rolls info)
Anyone have a clue?
Good to be partially back after so many months! Missed you IZARDITES!!!
Elizabeth Ann Gray married Hartwell B. Walker, who also had a heavy strain of Cherokee Indian blood, about the year of 1846-1847. She became the mother of Harriet Elizabeth Walker, Lucretia Ann Walker, and William Wiley Walker...."

Just how much of this is fact and how much is myth is uncertain.  The forced movement of the Eastern Cherokee known as the "Trail of Tears" took place in 1838-1839 at the end of the Jackson adminstration, not the years 1818-1820.  We believe it to be a fact that Elizabeth Ann Gray was the daughter of John Thomas Gray and Elizabeth Chism.  

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