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Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 12:21:30 -0800 (PST)
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Minnie Naomi TUNSTALL, age 17, of Sage, Izard, AR, daughter of Marcus F. TUNSTALL and Sarah Jane LUTHER, and Joseph Pinckney DAVIDSON, age 21, of Stella, Izard, AR married 8 December 1897 by J. P. LOVELACE, M.G.; Security:  W. H. REEVES.
Joseph P. DAVIDSON, b. ___ November 1876, d. 1938, and Minnie Naomi TUNSTALL, b. April 1880, AR, d. 1918, age 37. were parents of following children:

  1,  Unnamed Infant.
  2.  Gracie Mabel / Gracie Maybelle, b. 28 June 1899, m. Ephraim HELM (4 children).
[SSDI indicates they died at Bakersfield, CA -- shows name as Grace.]
  3.  Roy Earl, m. "Betty" TAYLOR (1989:  "Betty in home at Melbourne.") (4 children).
  4.  Velva Gladys, b. 29 July 1901, m. 18 October 1918 to Homer L. HELM (1 son, 2 daus).
  5.  Ronald Wayne, m. Anna HOWARD [d. prior to 1989, tuberculosis] (2 children).
  6.  Mattie Muriel m. Jim Dick MARCHANT [1989, living in CA].
  7.  Verble, m. 1 Manuel BATTLES, m. 2 _____ MURREY [1989 living Albuquerque, NM].
  8.  Vaughn, m. 1 Athalenn _____ (2 sons); m. 2 ______ BLACK (1 dau / 1 son) [1989:  "Vaughn died several years ago"].
  9.  Remmel Ray [1989:  "Died in infancy" -- photo of him with Mattie Muriel and Ronald Hugh, appears to be two to three].
10.  Ronald Hugh.  [no further information; in picture appears to be just younger than Mattie Muriel.] 
Information based on;  1900 census, Sage Twp., Izard County, AR; 1989 Personal Interview with Minnie {HELM} WHITE; 1989 Personal Interview with Velva Gladys {DAVIDSON} HELM; Recollections and pictures from Mary Gertrude {PERRY} KING (my mother), first cousin of Minnie {TUNSTALL} DAVIDSON.
My mother's pictures include:
Photo of Joseph P. DAVIDSON and Minnie Naomi {TUNSTALL} DAVIDSON, with daughters Gracie Mabel / Maybelle and Velva Gladys.  Joseph P. and Minnie were an attractive couple -- he was handsome and she was beautiful with upswept hair.
Photo of Minnie Naomi {TUNSTALL} DAVIDSON.
Photo inscribed on reverse side:  "Mabel, Gladys and Roy DAVIDSON"  -- added in my mother's handwriting:  "My cousin's children."
In earlier message, wondered if Remmel's name was Remmel Ray or Remmel Roy.  Since an older child was Roy Earl, it was probably Remmel Ray.
I hadn't visited these hard copies for many years and see that I have lots of blanks to complete.  I do have some additional information on descendants.
Marcus F. TUNSTALL was from Buffalo, Marion County, Arkansas.  Velva Gladys {DAVIDSON} HELM told my mother and I in 1989 that when Sarah Jane died, she was put in a boat and returned to Buffalo.  This, I do not know how to verify.  Marcus F. "Mark" TUNSTALL married later.  Have record of one marriage in Marion County to Fannie MERRILL and one in Baxter County.  Not sure if there were more marriages and/or more children.  On one of these marriages, he reduced his age noticeably.
I welcome any corrections or additional information.  Thank you.

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