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From: Dorothy Boynton <>
Subject: [ARIZARD] Blood line of Wolf Family in Baxter Co. area
Date: Sat, 7 Mar 2009 17:12:51 -0800 (PST)
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For anyone interested in what we know of Major Wolf's blood line.
Descendants of Major Jacob Wolf have done DNA testing with the Family Tree DNA Data Bank. FTWDNA has established, that at present, of all of the people with surname (considered to be in the Woolf Surname Project - Wolfe, Woolfe, Wolf, Wolff) they have tested, our blood line only has two branches, forming an established Wolf blood line. There is a Dewoolff (they don’t use a capital W) Surname Project with them also. There are no people of surname DeWolf in our established Wolf branch. However, had the blood lines (any spelling) matched up we would have been notified of this, I think. So, at this point, we show to just be of a blood line of surname Woolf, with other variant spellings, which has two branches.
Major Wolf’s descendants have a paper trail that starts in 1740 with the birth of one, Jacob Wolf. The parentage of this Jacob Wolf’s , the Major’s grandfather, is NOT known. His first documentation comes from being appointed Constable in Salisbury, NC in 1788. We, have always thought he got to NC (from probably PA) with Capt. Peter Hedrick, but no documentation has been found to prove this assumption. There does exist a volume of evidence to support this notion - such as: Jacob Wolf when appointed constable was bonded by the Capt. Hedrick. Also, Capt. Hedrick is proven to have come from PA to NC. This Jacob Wolf did have a son Michael Wolf who married someone named Mary Magdalena Catharine Hedrick, but her parents have NOT been established, either. It is just that the surnames are the same for the Capt. Hedrick and Mrs. Michael Wolf, so there can be speculation they were related, somehow. A few family members think she was the daughter of Capt.
Hedrick, however publications by his descendants do NOT list such a daughter. If she was the Capt.’s daughter she is not mentioned in his will or church papers. Of course some say that is because she was already married to the Michael Wolf and her portion had already been settled (perhaps by a land sale from Capt. Hedrick to Jacob Wolf - that is proven to have taken place). This Jacob Wolf and the Capt. Hedrick both owned land there in NC where they lived adjacent to each other before the Wolf family moved on to KY around 1790.
We do NOT know where this Jacob Wolf was born. It was always thought to be Germany (it can be noted that his son Michael Wolf and his wife both spoke German to each other (though they did not allow their children to use the language) even after moving to AR territory 1810-1820 - pointing to the belief that Jacob was probably of German descent. If they are still speaking German in 1820s it is worth wondering about what language/s they were able to speak 1788 in NC. We had speculated that such a person might have to be able to speak English in order to perform the duties of constable.
After having professional research done, it was thought our Jacob Wolf was the one found on the Ship Richard and Mary, originating from a German port and docking in PA in 1754, and about 10 years old at the time, and in the household of a Michael Wolf along with three other Wolf males, Wolfgang, David, Michael. However, within the last year a published document (1780s) has been found in PA that lists the family of this PA Michael Wolf and it does NOT list a son Jacob, that we know to be the grandfather of our Major Jacob Wolf, and thought to be the same Jacob Wolf found in Salisbury in 1788.  We have been in correspondence with proven descendants of the Michael Wolf on the Ship Richard and Mary and are working to prove or disprove our Jacob Wolf in that blood line. They have NOT located a male descendant to do the DNA testing but are trying to do that. Many of the given names in both families, of course, are the same, but that was true of the times.
Now the OTHER DNA branch that is proven to match Major Jacob Wolf is first documented in TN and has a birth date of 1795. I have personally met a descendant of this Wolfe branch. He does NOT know how his line got to TN, but has reason to think they came out of MD. Neither of us have any idea where our lines connect on the paper trail. He does say that the "e" was only added to their surname in recent generations. His John Wolfe and my Jacob Wolf are probably NOT of the same generation as the age difference is some 45 years, however, they could be uncle and nephew or kin in several other ways.
We have NEVER found a name for the wife of our elder Jacob Wolf either. Perhaps, we found a second marriage when he was much older in KY, but nothing back in NC to show who the mother of the Michael was. We have no proof that Michael was born in NC but that is what is thought to be the case. AR records do not show a wife’s name for the older, Jacob, either so if he did have the second marriage in KY before coming to AR it is not noted in any documents that we can find.
At this point we have done just about all we can to help solve the mystery of the lineage of Major Jacob Wolf. Until other people do the DNA testing and match to our DNA and have some information and documentation to help connect our lines, we are just a two branch DNA Woolf blood line. The DNA testing has helped us eliminate MANY, MANY other Wolf ancestors as our blood line, it just has NOT helped us find our own line. It certainly does help by not wasting the time we spend doing research. We know where NOT to look.
The reason that the Wolf family came to AR is well documented; it is just that where they came from or exactly who they were has NOT yet been established.
We need all of the help and suggestions that any of you can come up with so keep us in mind and contact us; we will try to check our any lead. We have many documented facts that we cannot even go forward with. Court records in KY in 1818 show that a George Wolf living in Lawrence Co., MO sold his land there in KY that was adjacent to land owned by our Jacob and Michael Wolf. It is thought George was a son of the Jacob and a brother to the Michael - HOWEVER we have NEVER found any documentation of the existence of this person, George Wolf there in Lawrence Co., MO (which later became Lawrence Co., AR (right?)). He is well documented back in KY for some years but not after that land sale. We know there are some clues out there for use that we have NOT been able to put to good use, as of yet. So we welcome each and every bit of information sent out way. It would be wonderful to find a descendant of this George Wolf to do DNA testing for us. We are still
looking and hoping.
Dorothy Boynton - Wolf Family of Baxter County, descendant

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