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From: "GW Shadow" <>
Subject: [ARIZARD] cemeteries without tombstones
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2009 14:33:58 -0500
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Some of my cousins and family went to clean up the cemetery where my
great-great-grandfather (died 1865) was buried in TN and which had a lot of
indentations but no gravestones. A distant cousin heard about it and came
by and brought a clothes hanger made similiar to a water witch and he swore
he could tell where a grave was and tell if it was a man or woman. I don't
remember if it pulled downward if it was a man or a woman but one way or the
other he swore it worked.

I know that they can find water by using one as it happens fairly often in
this part of the country but I'd never heard of the grave theory so I kind
of turned my nose up at it and thought he was a little nuts. I had a 25
year old neice there and she tried it and had a big time with it but I know
how she is and I laughed about it. Then she insisted I try it since I
thought it was so rediculous and after much teasing I did.

Well, I want you to know that after a few minutes that wire turned down and
I swear on a stack of bibles I did not cause it to turn downward. Chills
went up me and I threw it down and walked away and went to my car. Every
time I remember it I still get an eerie feeling about it....BUT I wish I had
the chance to try it a 2nd time just to see what happens the next time.

I'm sitting here with chills going up my arms just thinking about it. Has
anyone else heard about this?


P. S. If there is no marker how do you know which sex it is and if you're
right or not? I haven't figured that out yet but I kinda/sorta believe that
it can tell if there is a grave or not based on the experience I had.

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