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From: Pauline Schwarz <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Obituary for William Hanks
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 16:17:40 -0600 (CST)

Hi Don:

Thanks for looking. This William Hankls is my GG grandfather. Think the
Carrol County might be right and may have branched off to Boone County.
Lots of county changes in AR. There are a lot of William Hanks and this
William IV was born in SC but moved to Wilcox, Alabama with his father
William Hanks III, son of Epiphroditus Hanks, VA, NC and then SC. William
Hanks III died in Texas about 1833 or so. William Hanks IV went from Wilcox
County, AL to Caddo Parish, LA before going on to Arkansas. I have papers
in to the DAR to try to get Epiphroditus recognized as a patriot. They need
further acceptable proof of the parentage of William III and William IV. I
have included Dale Hanks book pages but they want more documentation. Have
ordered the Adin Baber book from the library (Hanks Family of Virginia and
Westward.) Hopefully it will show everything and maybe they will accept
that, but if I could find an obituary it would help. I have deeds from LA
and AL but not enough of a connection for proof. Can't findeither one on
Find a Grave or in the case of William IV in Arkansas Gravestones. I
thought maybe the obituary would indicate the cemetery and perhaps his



On 12/19/11, Don Ott<> wrote:

Well I probably do not have anything that would help. I did go to my
files and I find in the 1870 Census he was living in Harrison Twp. Boone, AR
with his young wife and their three children Alexander, Cora and William.
(Wife Martha is listed as 26) They also have the four children of his second
wife Emily Miller and Rolans Hancel is one of those children born 19 Jan
1855 Izard Co. AR, he is the one that married into the Jeffery family as did
a several of the Hanks. That is why I had that data in my files I had done
some research for someone on the Jeffery family.
I do have a note that William Hanks IV died 14 Apr 1872 (and I have
Carroll County, but that may not be right.) I have no documents on that. I
also have a note that a William Hanks served in the Confederacy from SC, but
I am not sure that is the correct one, because he would have been about 45
and I don't think they were drafting men that old.
At 03:29 PM 12/19/2011, you wrote:

Hi Don,

Yes, the very one. Do you have anything? Thanks.


On 12/19/11, Don Ott<[1]> wrote:

Pauline that might be William Hanks !V b. 21 Jul 1816 SC, d. ca 1871
Carroll Co. AR. Married Emily Miller?
At 03:02 PM 12/19/2011, you wrote:
> Hi:
> I am looking for an Obituary for William Hanks, deceased about 1872,
> County (Harrison) or Izard County (Mount Olive).
> Was on the census 1870 living with Roland Hancel Hanks his father in Mt.
> Olive.
> Thanks for your help.
> Pauline Harris Schwarz
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