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Subject: [Arizona] Re: Sunnydale, Arizona (AZ)?
Date: 30 Nov 2002 05:33:53 -0700

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Hi Conni - I have known Arizona well for almost 40 years now, both having lived there twice and having explored the state numerous times including this past summer, never to come across a place called Sunnydale.

Arizona is well known for Scottsdale however (that's about the only town or city I can think of that has "dale" in its name that starts with a "S") which is located east north east of Phoenix. "Dale" is also found in Glendale, located west north west of Phoenix, and in Avondale, all three found in Maricopa County.

There is a "Sunny"slope in Maricopa County as well, perhaps that could be a "translation" candidate in lieu of Sunnydale.

I checked and came up with three hits for "Sunnydale Arizona", all three references seeming to be a named or invented place for inclusion in a story or a movie.

I also checked and while there are six Sunnydale's throughout America, none are in shown in Arizona.

I also checked the GNIS (Geodetic Survey) and they showed no listing for a "anything" Sunnydale in Arizona which includes some (not all) mine names.

One thing you might try and check on is whether or not, with the thousands of mines that were opened in Arizona, is whether the Bureau of Mines has any listing for a Sunnydale mine. A singular mine being worked by a sole miner would of course, have been a somewhat rare occurence in the 1955 era.

It sounds as though something might have gotten lost in your family data/records as to where your grandfather died. Do you have any components of an old phone number, address or postal zone (1955 is pre zip code) from 1955 that was known to be associated with your grandfather? If so, such information can be used to narrow down the likely place of residence and/or location of death of your grandfather.

Good luck.

Glen F. Pritchett, USGENWEB volunteer

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