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From: Linda Bowden <>
Subject: [ARKANSAS] Arkansas Gazette
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 23:40:12 -0600

I would like to thank all of you that answered about the Arkansas
Gazette. I am new to the list and I can tell already what a friendly
and helpful list this is going to be.
Is there someone there in Arkansas that would do a couple of lookups for
me in the Arkansas Gazette? I am in Texas and do not have access to the
microfilm. I would gladly return the favor if you need something from
I am searching for information concerning James and Rachel Lindsey. I
understand that the March 9, 1831 Arkansas Gazette records not only
their deaths, but the death of their son Carlton to some kind of
epidemic. I would like to obtain a copy of that article.
Their son Eli's death was reported in the Arkansas Gazette on May
13,1834. I would like to have a copy of that article.
The marriage of their son,Burkett Lindsey, was recorded in the Arkansas
Gazette Dec 21, 1831, and of course, I would like to have that article
as well.
James and Rachel Lindsey were my ggg grandparents, and Burkett Lindsey
was my gg grandfather.

I appreciate the answers that you gave me so quickly about the Arkansas
Linda Bowden

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