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Hi Barb,
My gr gr gr grandfather, William Edward Wood, was killed in the Mountain
Meadows Massacre
along with his brother, Solomon Wood. William and Solomon's brother-in-law,
Charles Stallcup,
was also killed. William's wife, Minerva Jane (Hudson) Wood, was left
behind in Arkansas because
she was expecting their 2nd child. Their 1st child was George Edward Wood
(my gr gr grandfather)
born in 1855. Minerva Jane miscarried their 2nd child after learning of the
Massacre. Family
stories say that Minerva Jane walked down the road crying after the wagon
train left for
California. Charles Stallcup's wife, Winnie (Wood) also stayed behind in
Arkansas with their
children. The men may have been hired to care for the large stock herd that
accompanied the
wagon train. The men were supposed to return to bring the women to
California after learning
of the prospects out there.

William and Solomon Wood's father was George Washington Wood, (b. ca. 1810)
who ran a grist mill
in Marion County, Ark. George Washington Wood's father was William "Dancin'
Billy" Wood (b. ? d.
1861-65), an early county judge. William "Dancin' Billy" Wood's father was
William Obediah
"Revolutionary Bill" Wood (b. 1759 d. 10 Aug. 1845 Marion Co., Ark.).

There are multiple theories regarding the Massacre. The wagon train was
well equipped with a
large herd of cattle, expensive race horses, fancy carriages, and regular
belongings of the people
to re-locate to California. Utah was in a major upheaval at the time and
expecting the federal
government to invade and stop polygamy. Mormon leaders and church members
had been killed in Missouri prior to
the Mormons re-locating to Utah. The Mormon militia men who participated
and planned the Massacre
may have been practicing "blood atonement" sort of "an eye for an eye" idea
put forth in sermons by their
leader, Brigham Young.

Please let me know if you have any other questions about the Wood family.
They are kind of confusing
since they all named their children the same names!

Karin Heymer

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Thanks for the link, Mysty, but it doesn't work. I have looked on their
website, but was looking for a little more detail, i.e. why were they
And, isn't Judge William Obadiah Wood the father, or grandfather, of
W. Wood? I've seen a couple of different trees some stating that George W.
Wood is the son of William Wood and the grandson of Judge Obadiah Wood,
saying he's his son.

I would like to know more about Judge Obadiah Wood, sounds like quite a

Bernie, thank you for the information about the manuscript, that would be
interesting, but sad, to read, too.


Barb Price

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