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I realize this is a long posting. I did so in hopes that all the various
surnames in GA and AL would help ring some bells. Bear with me. I do not
post often.
Sydney Cardner (the Sydney is female)

1. John1 ARMSTRONG was born Abt. 1729, and died Abt. 1810 in Georgia. He
married Annie STEWART Abt. 1758.

Notes for John Armstrong:

{From the George Fuller Walker Collection at Washington Library, Macon, GA,
as sent by Fred W. Fields}:

Migrated to Georgia in 1773 when he received 150 acres in the Ceded Lands
Area (Old Wilkes County) "at a spring running into Soap Creek at O'Neal's
Path." Was accompanied by wife and 2 sons, 2 daughters, ranging in age from
4 to 13. Listed next to Joseph HICKMAN in Wilkes County Tax Records.

He was later in Washington County, GA, along with Joseph Hickman as early as
1792 as indicated by claims for Indian depredations, filed from Clarke
County, GA, in 1802. He served in Old Randolph County, (now Jasper County),
GA as Juryman (1808); Justice of Peace (1810). Died 1810. His will was dated
March 1810;, proved July 1810 in Old Randolph County. Names included were
Wife, Ann; son James; son John; daughter Nancy HICKMAN; daughter Mary
NOBLES; daughter Susannah POWELL. Witnesses to the will were : Nathan
Chaffin, William Hay, and Robert McAfee. Executors were wife Ann and son

Children of John ARMSTRONG and Annie STEWART are:

+ 2 i. John2 ARMSTRONG, born Abt. 1769; died July 01, 1844 in Probably S.
Montgomery, Alabama.

3 ii. James ARMSTRONG, born Abt. 1760 in Probably South Carolina. He married
Elizabeth in Georgia.

4 iii. Mary ARMSTRONG, born Abt. 1774. She married William NOBLE.

+ 5 iv. Susannah ARMSTRONG, born 1769.

+ 6 v. Nancy ARMSTRONG, born Abt. 1766.

Generation No. 2

2. John2 ARMSTRONG (John1) was born Abt. 1769, and died July 01, 1844 in
Probably S. Montgomery, Alabama. He married Nancy KITTLE Bef. 1800,
daughter of John KITTLE and Polly. She was born February 13, 1777 in
Effingham County, Georgia, and died December 28, 1852 in Probably S.
Montgomery, Alabama.

Notes for Nancy KITTLE:

Birth records are in Ebenezer Church Records, Effingham, GA.

Children of John Armstrong and Nancy Kittle/Kettle are:

+ 7 i. Charlotte C.3 ARMSTRONG, born March 02, 1822 in Alabama; died January
27, 1891 in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida. She married Dabney P. J.

+ 8 ii. Franklin C. ARMSTRONG, born May 02, 1802 in Georgia; died January
01, 1877 in Alabama.

9 iii. Anna ARMSTRONG, born Abt. 1800 in Georgia; died 1856 in Probably
Texas. She married Alexander MCDADE November 27, 1817 in Jasper County,

+ 10 iv. Mary ARMSTRONG, born January 29, 1804 in Georgia; died December 19,
1876 in Montgomery County, Alabama.

11 v. Martin Mitchell ARMSTRONG, born Abt. 1810; died July 1844.

Notes for Martin Mitchell ARMSTRONG:

Was said to be 34 and a half at death.

12 vi. William A. ARMSTRONG, died November 1847.

13 vii. Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, born Abt. 1810 in Georgia; died Aft. 1850 in
Montgomery County, Alabama. She married William MONCRIEF December 19, 1828.

Notes for Elizabeth Armstrong:

Age 40 in 1850 census.

14 viii. John Kittle ARMSTRONG, born Abt. 1806 in Georgia; died in Texas. He
married Sara Polin/POLAND February 05, 1830 in Montgomery County, Alabama.

+ 15 ix. James Mosely ARMSTRONG, born August 24, 1817 in Georgia; died
February 19, 1871 in Montgomery County, Alabama.

16 x. Addison Stuart ARMSTRONG, born Abt. 1819 in Georgia; died Abt. 1860.

Notes for Addison Stuart Armstrong:

He was about 31 in the 1850 census.

17 xi. Martha ARMSTRONG. She married SHAW.

18 xii. Matilda ARMSTRONG, born Abt. 1824 in Alabama; died Aft. 1850. She
married Thomas WADE December 21, 1847 in Montgomery County, Alabama.

19 xiii. Doany Armstrong.

Notes for Doany Armstrong:

Never married.

20 xiv. Alice Armstrong.

Notes for Alice Armstrong:

Never married.

5. Susannah2 ARMSTRONG(John1) was born 1769. She married William POWELL 1787
in Washington County, Georgia. He was born in Wilkes County, Georgia.

Notes for Susannah ARMSTRONG:

Susannah lived in Wilkes County following her marriage. She was in Clarke
County as early as 1805(and perhaps as early as 1801). William POWELL died
in Jasper County, Georgia in 1808 and was survived by Susannah and five
children. On November 1, 1813, Susannah Powell received property by deed in
Baldwin County, Georgia. One of their children was Zaccheus POWELL.

(From the research of George Fuller Walker)

Child of Susannah ARMSTRONG and William POWELL is:

+ 21 i. Zaccheus3 Powell, born November 09, 1788 in Wilkes County, Georgia;
died January 24, 1856 in Coosa County, Alabama.

6. Nancy2 ARMSTRONG (John1) was born Abt. 1766. She married (1) Joseph

Child of Nancy ARMSTRONG and Joseph HICKMAN is:

+ 22 i. Sarah3 Hickman, born August 11, 1794 in Washington County, Georgia;
died February 21, 1860 in Coosa County, Alabama.

Generation No. 3

7. Charlotte C.3 ARMSTRONG (John2, John1) was born March 02, 1822 in
Alabama, and died January 27, 1891 in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida.
She married Reverend Dabney P. J. MURPHY December 12, 1849 in Montgomery
County, Alabama, son of Malachi Murphy and Selah(Knowland?). He was born
January 05, 1815 in St. Stephens Parish, South Carolina, and died October
02, 1974 in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida.

Notes for Dabney P. J.MURPHY:

His granddaughter remembers him as being highly educated, able to read in
both Latin and Greek, a brilliant man.

April 1, 1999: Found Dabney P. J. Murphy on the Montgomery County, AL,
census for 1850. He was listed with his new 28 year old wife, Charlotte, and
his daughter Elizabeth, by his first wife. His oldest daughter, Hannah, was
not listed. Both were listed in the 1860 Lowndes County Census, however.
Charlotte's 73 year old mother, Nancy, was listed with them in 1850.

"Credential of Dabney P. J. Murphy; 1st Baptist Church, June 10, 1849"

(From the research of Reba Murphey's Alabama records received April 2,

*April 24, 1999:

I received an e-mail from Eloise Murphree(no relation), Chairwoman of the
History Committee, First Baptist Church , Troy, Alabama. She informed me
that Dabney was licensed for the Gospel ministry in 1848. He pastored
churches at Rocky Mount, Alabama, and Hayneville. He lived near Hayneville
in 1859. In 1860 he lived near Helicon(then Lowndes County, now Crenshaw
County). On March 11, 1860 his house in Helicon burned down and all of its

He was pastor of the First Baptist Church of Troy, Alabama, 1857-1860. They
are including him in a history of the church, and they are helping me
research for other descendants in hopes of finding pictures. He was pastor
to other churches then, too, as he was a traveling missionary of the Alabama
Baptist Association.

According to her information, he was a jewelry maker, carpenter , and was
very good at music.

She said that the churches often couldn't pay, and the preachers held other
jobs as well.

He was a Mason, she believes.

*May 1, 1999

Dabney apparently stayed behind in SC when his father and stepmother moved
to Alabama. About 1836 he married his first wife who bore him two daughters,
both born in SC according to the census of 1840 Pike County, and 1860
Lowndes County, Alabama. He and his young family moved to Alabama about
1839-40 and settled in Pike County.

Dabney was an executor of his father's will in 1853 in Lowndes County, AL).

(From the research of Jim Murfee of Southport, Florida.)

"It is not known if Dabney's first two daughters made the trip to Florida.
Dabney's oldest, Hannah, married a stage coach driver, Thomas HARRIGAN, in
May of 1861 in Alabama.

(From the research of Myrtle Wallace in Ocala, Florida):

Myrtle sent me a copy of the 1870 Hillsborough County census on which the
children of his 2nd wife, Charlotte, were listed.

On August 15, 2000, I received an email from Leslie Maddocks, showing the
listing from the Hillsborough County, Florida Cemetery Index. It showed that
Dabney, Charlotte, daughter Charlotte Armstrong Billings, and son Dabney,
Jr., were all buried in the Robles family cemetery on Sligh Ave, 2900 block,
in Tampa, Florida. It appears all of their children died at an early age
except for Henry T. Murphy and James A. Murphy.

Children of Charlotte Armstrong and Dabney Murphy are:

23 i. Henry T.4 MURPHY, born 1850 in Alabama; died February 24, 1923 in
Center Hill, Florida. He married (1) Mary Catherine JORDAN July 14, 1877 in
Hillsborough County, Florida; born Abt. 1854 in Florida. He married (2) Mary
Martha("Molly") THOMAS February 04, 1896 in Alachua County, Florida.

Notes for Henry T. Murphy:

I have a letter he wrote my grandmother, Florrie, in 1922 from Center Hill,
Florida. He was thanking her and her husband for his Christmas gifts. The
letter indicates that he was a strongly religious person. Land records show
that a Henry Murphy purchased land in Alachua County, Florida in 1878. We
believe that might be him. My grandmother remembered what a responsible man
he was. He was a blacksmith and a farmer.He is buried at Center Hill,

24 ii. James A. MURPHY, born Abt. 1853 in Alabama. He married Florida A.
JACKSON; born 1845 in Hillsborough County, Florida.

Notes for James A. Mur

A cattle bill of sale from 1880 in Hillsborough County shows that a James
Addison Murphy was the cattle inspector. (Special Collections, USF). Believe
this to be the same James Murphy, as his brother Henry had a daughter named
Stella Addison.

Notes for Florida A. Jackson:

Hank Burnham notes that Florida was 8 years older than James. He does not
know if they had children.

25 iii. William W. MURPHY, born Abt. 1855 in Mississippi.

26 iv. Dabney P . J. MURPHY, Jr., born February 28, 1856 in Mississippi;
died September 01, 1877 in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida.

27 v. Nanci H. MURPHY, born Abt. 1859 in Mississippi.

Notes for Nanci H. Murphy:

Records show that a Nanny H. Murphy married William R. Townsend on September
22, 1883, in Hillsborough County, Florida. Haven't verified that they are
the same.

28 vi. Charlotte Murphy, born Abt. 1861 in Alabama.

Notes for Charlotte Murphy:

Records show that a Charlotte B or C. Murphy married Thomas Billings on
January 15, 1880, in Hillsborough County, Florida. This is probably the same

8. Franklin C. ARMSTRONG (John2, John1) was born May 02, 1802 in Georgia,
and died January 01, 1877 in Alabama. He married Charlotte Laura COLEMAN
June 26, 1823 in Montgomery County, Alabama.

Notes for Franklin C. ARMSTRONG:

>From the notes of Ruth Armstrong BOYD of Montgomery, AL):

Her great great grandparents were John Armstrong, Jr. and Nancy Kittle. She
is descended from their son, Franklin.

"They came to Alabama when my great grandfather Frank was a little boy in
covered wagons. On the trip one of his little brothers got off the wagon,
and thought they looked and looked they never found him. They thought maybe
the Indians found him. Years later there was a Mattie Armstrong and her
brother Ben who came into our part of the country. She married Roger CROSS,
and his sister Betty married my uncle Marcellus Armstrong, son of John and
Sara E. HURST ARMSTRONG. They had one son named Dan and daughter named Lucy
CROSS. .......Miss Mattie(as we called her), told my grandfather John, who
married Sara E. Hurst) that she believed her father was the little brother
of great grandfather Frank, the one that was lost when they came to Alabama,
for she told him that the pictureof his brother William was just like her
father. I think so, too, for Miss Mattie's son Dan and my Aunt Mary's son
Terrell could have passed for twins, and Miss Mattie Cross and my Aunt Mary
look a lot alike, too.That's all we ever knew, but I believe that was who he

Child of Franklin ARMSTRONG and Charlotte COLEMAN is:

29 i. John4 Armstrong. He married Sara E. Hurst.

10. Mary3 ARMSTRONG (John2, John1) was born January 29, 1804 in Georgia, and
died December 19, 1876 in Montgomery County, Alabama. She married William
COLEMAN July 27, 1823. He was born March 10, 1803, and died September 01,

Children of Mary Armstrong and William Coleman are:

30 i. Elizabeth Ann4 COLEMAN, born June 14, 1824. She married John P. CROSS

31 ii. John Franklin COLEMAN, born October 27, 1826. He married Virginia
WEBB October 04, 1843.

32 iii. Mary Louisa COLEMAN, born July 07, 1828. She married Charles
CRENSHAW April 18, 1847.

33 iv. Martha Raechel COLEMAN, born August 08, 1830; died April 02, 1854.
She married A. VAN HOOSE December 20, 1849.

34 v. Charlotte Laura COLEMAN, born March 19, 1833. She married William E.
WIATT September 1852.

Notes for William E. Wiatt:

{From the research of Fred W. Field}:

"My great-grandfather, William E. Wiatt, had gone down to Lowndes County,
Alabama, about 1850 to teach school. Why he did this is not known but we
presume he was in grief over the death of his first wife in October 1849. It
is still a great mystery why he chose prior professional or
family connections have been uncovered.

35 vi. Caroline Frances Coleman, born September 04, 1835. She married
William S. Hagood April 25, 1864.

36 vii. Nannie Coleman, born December 18, 1838. She married George K.
Williams January 11, 1855.

37 viii. Julius Alexander Coleman, born May 08, 1840; died September 22,

15. James Mosely3 ARMSTRONG (John2, John1) was born August 24, 1817 in
Georgia, and died February 19, 1871 in Montgomery County, Alabama. He
married Ellinor Shipman PARKE January 14, 1852. She was born September 27,
1832 in Anson County, North Carolina, and died November 28, 1894 in Manatee
County, Florida.

Notes for James Mosely Armstrong:

{From the notes of Dorothy Jones, Terra Ceia, Florida):

"He was born August 24, 1817, in GA, the son of John Armstrong, Jr. and
Nancy Kittle. He was brought as a tiny infant in the family's 1818 move to
Alabama where they settled near the village of Hickory Grove, on the border
of Lowndes and Montgomery Counties, Alabama. James married September 27,
1852 to Eleanor Shipman Parke. I am descended from their son Franklin
Clifford Armstrong who married Emma Virginia Williams."

"In the late 1860's or early 70's, James and Eleanor relocated to Florida,
finally setlling in 1872 at Manatee County, Florida

Children of James Armstrong and Ellinor Parke are:

38 i. Franklin Clifford4 Armstrong. He married Emma Virginia Williams.

39 ii. Addison Lee Armstrong, born February 04, 1870 in Lowndes County,
Alabama; died April 21, 1954 in Manatee County, Florida. He married Bertha
Beville; born November 22, 1883 in Brooksville, Florida; died January 26,
1926 in Gillette, Florida.

21. Zaccheus3 Powell (Susannah2 Armstrong, John1) was born November 09, 1788
in Wilkes County, Georgia, and died January 24, 1856 in Coosa County,
Alabama. He married (1) Polly Sansom March 12, 1809 in Jasper County,
Georgia. He married (2) Sarah Hickman November 21, 1816 in Jasper County,
Georgia, daughter of Joseph Hickman and Nancy Armstrong. She was born August
11, 1794 in Washington County, Georgia, and died February 21, 1860 in Coosa
County, Alabama.

Notes for Sarah Hickman:

The family bible states she was born August 11, 1793

Child of Zaccheus Powell and Sarah Hickman is:

40 i. Martha Araminta4 Powell, born February 11, 1822 in Autauga County,
Alabama; died 1889 in Nixburg, Coosa County, Alabama. She married Henry
Allen Temple; born May 04, 1811 in Hancock County, Georgia; died June 17,
1873 in Coosa County, Alabama.

22. Sarah3 Hickman (Nancy2 Armstrong, John1) was born August 11, 1794 in
Washington County, Georgia, and died February 21, 1860 in Coosa County,
Alabama. She married Zaccheus Powell November 21, 1816 in Jasper County,
Georgia, son of William Powell and Susannah Armstrong. He was born November
09, 1788 in Wilkes County, Georgia, and died January 24, 1856 in Coosa
County, Alabama.

Notes for Sarah Hickman:

The family bible states she was born August 11, 1793

Child is listed above under (21) Zaccheus Powell.


I have benefitted greatly from the earlier research of two cousins, Fred W.
Field of CA, and Shirley Smith of Florida. I thank them for the information
they freely shared. I do not usually post this much info at once, but I
hope it might help in making connections. Several of us on the list have
suspected that our lines connect in the 1700's, but none of us have been
able to prove it. Maybe someday.

Sydney Cardner (the Sydney is female)

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