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Pedigree Chart # 9

Father & Mother Unknown
William Armstrong B/1800 Ireland D/3/9/1860 Ballynulto, Ire. married
Abt. 1835 Ire. Nancy B/1810 Ire. D/6/25/1880 Ballynulto, Ire.
Thomas Morton Armstrong B/4/16/1836 Ire. D/? New York married 10/11/1860
Pennsylvania Martha Jane Porter B/9/4/1836 West Deer, Pa.
1. Charles D. Armstrong B/Abt 1861 Pittsburg, Pa. D/4/2/1935 Pa. married
a. Charles Dudley Armstrong B/? married Mary Hillard
b. Dwight Ludden Armstrong B/? married Marion G. Appel
c. Mary Martha Armstrong B/? married Andrew B. McClary

2. Mary Crawford Armstrong B/Abt 1863 Pittsburg married 6/6/1907 Stewart
M. Pool
3. Nancy Eva Armstrong B/Abt 1865 Pittsburg married 10/22/1896 Grant Dilbert
4. martha Jane Armstrong B/Abt 1867 Pittsburg married 4/16/1896 William
H. Robinson
5. Sadie Ewing Armstrong B/Abt 1869 Pittsburg D/1897
Father & Mother Unknown
William Armstrong B/1786 Knox Co., Indiana D/5/29/1846 Palmyra, Knox Co.,
Indiana married Abt. 1809 Palmyra Mary Cravens B/1792 Knox Co., Indiana
D/10/11/1854 Palmyra(father Absalom Cravens)
1. Isabella Armstrong B/Abt 1809 Knox Co., In.
2. James Armstrong B/Abt 1810 Knox Co., In.
3. Jane Armstrong B/Abt 1811 Knox Co., In. D/1845 Shelby Co., Illinois
married William Kellon
4. Andrew Armstrong B/Abt 1813 Knox Co., In.
5. Edward Armstrong B/1814 Knox Co., In. D/3/7/1870 Shelby Co., Ill.
married Abt. 1840 Washington Co., In.1st Margaret Graham 2nd-Sarah M.
Children of 1st marriage by Margaret Graham
a. Mary Jane Armstrong B/1/25/1841 Shelby Co., Illinois married 12/27/1860
Shelby Co. Samuel M. Harper
b. Helen Armstrong B/Abt 1843 Shelby married Jacob Kemmer
c. Richard O. Armstrong B/Abt 1845 Shelby D/? Texas
d. Emma Armstrong B/Abt 1847 Shelby married 1st-Ware, 2nd-Stout
e. William Armstrong B/Abt 1849 Shelby D/? Oklahoma
f. Iona Armstrong B/Abt 1851 Shelby D/1863 Shelby
g. Samuel Armstrong B/Abt 1853 Shelby D/1853 Shelby
Child of 2nd marriage by Sarah M.
a. James Carroll Armstrong B/Abt 1855 Shelby

6. Elizabeth Armstrong B/Abt 1816 Knox Co., In. D/? Shelby Co., Ill.
married Charles Woodward
7. Benjamin Armstrong B/Abt 1818 Knox Co., In.
8. William Armstrong B/Abt 1820 Knox Co., In. D/? Texas
9. John T. Armstrong B/Abt 1822 Knox Co., In.
Father & Mother Unknown
Robert Armstrong B/7/16/1785 Hindley Steel, Northumberland, England
D/8/8/1866 Haltwhistle, Northumberland, England married 2/3/1810
Haltwhistle Elizabeth Carr B/2/24/1787 Haltwhistle
1. John Armstrong B/1812 Haltwhistle D/1862 Hull, Yorkshire England
married Abt. 1840 Cumberland, England Elizabeth Tallentyre B/3/19/1815
Haltwhistle D/9/25/1878 Hull
William Bird Armstrong B/3/19/1841 Carlisle, Cumberland, England
D/3/21/1927 Salt Lake City, Utah married 2/14/1863 Hull Patience Dawson
B/4/15/1838 Hull D/5/26/1927 Saly Lake City
Albert Bird Armstrong B/3/2/1873 Hull D/1/15/1913 Salt Lake City married
6/22/1898 Salt Lake City Priscilla E. Jordan
Albert Bird Armstrong B/5/30/1900 Salt Lake City D/1/22/1973 Salt Lake
City married 8/7/1926 Salt Lake City Isabella M. Sullivan B/1/14/1902
Salt Lake City D/1/5/1973 Salt Lake City
Thomas A. Armstrong B/Abt 1927 Salt Lake City.
Father & Mother Unknown
William B. Armstrong B/? Amanda Capps B/?
1. Noah Armstrong B/1852 Salado, Texas D/Abt 1955 Coleman, Texas
2. barney Armstrong B/2/9/1855 Salado married 1886 Salado to
Lulubelle Watt
3. George Albert Armstrong B/2/8/1857 Salado D/4/25/1945 Spokane,
Washington married 4/4/1881 Baxter Springs, Kansas Mary E. Goodwin
B/12/8/1859 Union Co., Kentucky D/4/1941 Harrington, Washington
a. William B. Armstrong B/3/18/1882 Miami, Oklahoma D/10/31/1938
Spokane, Washington married 11/30/1905 Harrington, Washington Maude
Turner B/2/18/1888 Tennessee D/6/13/1970 Davenport, Washington
1. Bernice E. Armstrong B/9/30/1906 Harrington Washington D/10/13/1906
2. Rowena E. Armstrong B/10/17/1907 Harrington married 9/26/1925
Harrington H. Paul Scheyer
3. Winnifred P. Armstrong B/9/8/1909 Harrington married D. Lowell
4. Herbert L. Armstrong B/7/27/1913 Harrington married 10/2/1937
Harrington Zicha Lowella
5. Marjorie M. Armstrong B/8/6/1917 Harrington married Robert W. Tanke
6. Woodrow W. Armstrong B/6/7/1919 harrington D/6/18/1919 Harrington
7. Dean H. Armstrong B/4/2/1922 Spokane, Washington married 12/26/1942
Margery Knapp

b. Stella Mae Armstrong B/5/13/1884 Kansas married Finis Smith
c. Edgar Allen Armstrong B/3/2/1887 Kansas married 1st-Lottie Brown,
2nd-Marion Frost, 3rd-Ethyl Strange
d. Leodia Armstrong B/9/16/1889 Kansas married Jesse Richards
e. George Albert Armstrong B/2/29/1892 Oklahoma Terrority D/1918
Ft. Lewis Washington
f. Florence Armstrong B/7/2/1894 Oklahoma Terrority married Earl
g. Fanny Armstrong B/10/2/1897 Oklahoma Terrority married Finis
h. Bertha Armstrong B/10/2/1897 Oklahoma Terrority D/4/1898 Oklahoma

4. John Armstrong B/2/22/1858 Salado
5. Virgil Armstrong B/11/30/1861 Salado D/Abt 1875 Salado
6. Ida Armstrong B/Abt 1863 Salado married Jim Harmon
7. Rufus Armstrong B/3/27/1869 Salado
8. Fanny Armstrong B/Abt 1871 Salado married Beauchamp
9. Cornelius Armstrong B/9/23/1873 Salado
Bill Armstrong
Kingman, Az.

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