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I really have two different birthplaces for Samuel and don't really know the
correct one.
Here's Samuel and his father's familys. I'm from Samuel Jr.'s line.
I hope it's ok to put this much on a roots e mail.
Descendants of William Armstrong

Generation No. 1

FAIRBURN3, BEORN FAIRBURN2, URSUS1 FAIRBURN) was born 1695 in Enniskillen,
Fermangh Co., Ire., and died March 16, 1760 in Augasta Co., VA. He married
MARGARET HAMILTON Abt. 1720 in Fermangh Co., Ireland.

i. WILLIAM L.32 ARMSTRONG, b. 1725, Enniskillen, Fermangh Co., Ire.; d.
February 02, 1782, Surry Co., NC; m. CATHERINE CHILDERS, Abt. 1750, Augusta
Co., VA.
ii. MAJOR-JOHN ARMSTRONG, b. 1727, Enniskillen, Fermangh Co., Ire.; d.
1794, Stokes Co., NC; m. JANE COKER, Abt. 1772, Stokes Co., NC.
iii. HUGH ARMSTRONG, b. 1735, Enniskillen, Fermangh Co., Ire.; d. Warren
Co., TN.
2. iv. SAMUEL ARMSTRONG, b. 1742, Enniskillen, Fermangh Co., Ire.; d.
September 1809, Abbeville, S.C..
v. MARTIN ARMSTRONG, b. February 02, 1749/50, Ticking Springs, Augusta Co.,
VA; d. September 06, 1808, Nashville, TN; m. MARY ANN ELIZABETH TATE, 1766,
Rown, NC.

Generation No. 2

Enniskillen, Fermangh Co., Ire., and died September 1809 in Abbeville, S.C..
He married MARY ANN BOYD 1764 in Fermangh Co., Ireland.


SAMUEL ARMSTRONG was born in 1742 at Canonbie, On the Border, Scotland.

Samuel arrived in South Carolina on December, 1767 from Ballimena, County of
Antrim, Kingdom of Ireland aboard the ship "EARL OF DENEGAL". The ship's
Captain was Duncan Ferguson.

Along with Samuel, who was twenty five, was his wife, Mary Boyd, twenty
three, their first son, William, two, and Sam's mother, Margaret Hamilton,

In the spring of 1768, Samuel was awarded 200 acres and his mother 100
acres, all on Waterbee Creek, Craven County, South Carolina.

Samuel lived in Abbeville County, South Carolina, and lived to sire nine
children. He joined the "South Carolina Rangers", under the command of
Captain Robert Ellison, in 1775 and served in the War of Independence.

Samuel died in Sept. 1809, in Abbeville, County, SC. He left the following
will, dated 26 Aug. 1809, proved 11 Sep. 1809, Will Book, page 380,
Abbeville Dist., SC.


In the name of God Amen. I Samuel Armstrong, being in a low state of health
but sound of mind and memory, calling to mind the mortality of the body, do
make and publish this, my last will and testament in manner following, viz.
First I give my Soul to God, Who gave it, and my body to be decently buried
in a Christian manner. Next, I allow all my just debts to be paid. Next, I
give and bequeath to my loving wife, two cows and calves and all my
household furniture during her life. Next, I give and bequeath unto my son
John Armstrong, one hundred acres of land where he now lives, he paying my
beloved wife ten dollars and one wagon load of corn yearly during her life.
Next, I give and bequeath unto my son David Armstrong, one hundred acres of
land whereon he now lives, he paying my beloved wife ten dollars and one
wagon load of corn yearly during her life, and at my wife's decease, my son
John Armstrong and my son David Armstrong is to pay my son Matthew Armstrong
twenty five dollars each. Next, I give and bequeath unto my son William
Armstrong, one dollar, Next, I give and bequeath unto my son Hugh Armstrong,
one dollar. Next, I give and bequeath unto my son James Armstrong, one
dollar. Next, I give and bequeath unto my daughter Martha Furlong, one
dollar. Next, I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Mary Emerson, one
dollar. Next, I give and bequeath unto my son, Samuel Armstrong, one hundred
acres of land, where he now lives, my beloved wife to have the benefit of
the dwelling house during her life and I allow my son Samuel Armstrong to
attend that piece of ground I formally attended, one half in corn and the
other half in small grain, yearly, for my wife and also to give her a wagon
load of corn yearly during her life and at my decease, I allow an inventory
to be taken of all my movable property and at my loving wife's decease, for
it to be sold and an equal division of the money to be made between my sons
John, David and Samuel Armstrong and my daughter, Mary Emerson. Next, I
appoint Abraham Livingston, my son David Armstrong and my son Samuel
Armstrong, Executors of this, my last will and testament. Lastly, I give and
bequeath unto my beloved wife, all my stock of hogs. Signed sealed and
acknowledged, this to be my last will and teatament, this twenty sixth day
of August in the year of our Loard, one thousand eight hundred and nine, in
the preasence of Abraham Livingston, Robert Russell, Wm. Black Jr.


X Armstrong


Expend: Oct 27, 1826. To cash paid for Matilda V. armstrong, board, $9.00
Feb. 6, 1826. To cash paid Watt Bowie for Eliza Armstrong,
$14.56 1/4
Feb. 6, 1826. To cash paid James Armstrong of his share.
Feb. 24, 1827. Paid Ord. for guardianship to Matilda and
Amanda Armstrong, $3.00
Paid John Wier for boarding John Armstrong, $3.00
Jan. 1, 1824. Paid Mary Ann Armstrong legacy in part, $105.88

Samuel Armstrong had a note for $6.00 on Matthew, Martin and Henry Emerson.
Also a note on William Emerson, $5.00.


On 21 Feb. 1827, Samuel Huston, John Power and Patrick Johnson bound unto
Moses Taggart, Ord. Abbeville Dist, the sum of $2000.00. Samuel L. Houston
was guardian of Matilda Vasti Armstrong and Amanda Zena Armstrong, minors
under 14 years. Eliza Armstrong has also been listed as a minor. These may
have been Samuel's grand daughters.

i. JAMES33 ARMSTRONG, b. April 06, 1764, Fermanaugh Co., Ireland; d.
November 11, 1837, Maury Co., TN; m. (1) MARY A. FRIERSON; m. (2) HOUSTON,
ii. WILLIAM ARMSTRONG, b. August 14, 1765, Fermanaugh Co., Ireland; d. Aft.
1844, Anderson Co., S.C.; m. SARAH BARR, 1785, Henry Co., VA.

>From information provided by Carolyn Barker Strain:

The following information is in the Revolutionary War Pension claim S6534,
from which it appears that William ( son of Samuel Armstrong ) was born in
Ireland, Aug. 14, 1765.
While residing in Camden District, SC, he enlisted July 29, 1780 and served
as a private two years and six months under Capt. John McClure, John Mills,
John McCool, Ned Martin, and General Sumpter and Pickens. He was in the
battle of Rocky Mount, Hanging Rock, Catawba, Fishing Creeks, Kings
Mountain, Cowpens and Eutaw Springs. There is no data on his family. It was
stated by William Armstrong in 1833 that he was born 1765 in Ireland and
came to Camden, now Fairfield District, SC, where he was residing when he
voluntarily entered service in the year of the fall of Charleston under
Capt. John McLean or McLure, Gen. Sumpter, and was under him at the battle
of hanging rock.

According to the 1787 general Tax Roll, he had 7 slaves and 400 acres in
Abbeville District, SC.

William Armstrong is shown in the 1840 census for Anderson Co., SC as being
a Rev. War pensioner. His age is given as 78. He is living in the home of
Thomas Runnels. (p.108)

>From Virginia W. Jones of Atlanta, "Found another paper in SC Magazine of
Ancestral Research, ( Winter 1976 ), pertaining to a petetion of William
Armstrong, in which he states his annuity of $60 per annum was suspended
after the lapse of a few years for further proof, but because of lapsed time
and frailties of an advanced age, he was unable to comply he is applying to
the state to be restored to the Pension Roll of State of SC for $60 per
annum. The petition is dated Nov. 8, 1836 and a list of Annuitants 1842-1846
shows he recieved same in 1842, 1843 and 1844. Based on the record, I am
going to show his death date as after 1844."

The "Roster of S.C. Patriots in American Rev." pg. 26, states: Armstrong,
Wm. S-6534, b. 14 Aug. 1765, Ireland--While residing in Fairfield Dist., he
volenteered after the fall of Charleston and served under Capt. James
McClure and Gen. Sumter. He served two years and six months under Capt.
McClure, John McCool and Ned Martin and was in the Battle of Rocky Mount,
Bratton's Plantation and Hanging Rock, where he assisted in burying the body
of his Captain. His own coat had four holes shot through it. He volenteered
to serve under Capt. John Mills at King's Mountain and was under him in the
Battle of Cowpens. In addition, he was inthe Battle at Eutae Springs,
Sumters Defeat at Charleston when the Brittish left. [ A.A. Audited
Accountsin S.C. Archives, also, Genealogical Abstracts of Rev. War Pension
Files, vol. I-A-E, abst. by Virgil D. White ].

iii. SAMUEL ARMSTRONG, JR., b. 1767, Fermanaugh Co., Ireland; d. 1814,
Washington Co., IL; m. MARY ANN RUSSELL, 1796, Abbeville, S.C..
iv. DAVID ARMSTRONG, b. 1768, Abbeville, S.C.; d. October 26, 1849, Dallas
Co., Ala..
v. HUGH ARMSTRONG, b. 1770, Abbeville Co., S.C.; d. 1833, Abbeville Co.,
vi. JOHN H. ARMSTRONG, b. April 30, 1772, 96th Dist., S.C.; d. 1843,
Hanover, Jo Davis Co., IL; m. (1) SARAH KENNEDY; m. (2) ELIZABETH BOYD.
vii. MARTHA ARMSTRONG, b. 1774, Abbeville Co., S.C.; m. HUBBARD FURLONG,
Abt. 1791.
viii. MARY ANN JR. ARMSTRONG, b. 1777, Abbeville Co., S.C.; d. September
1824, Penny Creek, S.C.; m. (1) WILLIAM EMERSON, 1809, S.C.; m. (2)
ix. MATHEW ARMSTRONG, b. 1779, Abbeville Co., S.C.; d. Sumner Co., TN; m.
SARAH, Abt. 1802, Abbeville Co., SC.

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From: Marilyn R. Otterson <>
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Date: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 4:25 PM
Subject: Re: [ARMSTRONG-L] Armstrongs of Antrim

>Now that John D. has told us all about his Hugh, I want to remind you all
>that I think John D.'s Hugh and my gggrandfather, Samuel Armstrong, were
>connected in some way.
>According to Presbyterian church records (First Ballymena), Samuel
>Armstrong was b. 1797 in Ballykeel,near Ballymena, Antrim, Northern
>Ireland, the son of Archibald (1774 ) Armstrong and Rachel McClurkan.
>Samuel was married 25 August 1827 to Jane Reid, and one witness to the
>marriage was Hugh Armstrong and another Samuel Armstrong.
>I think this Hugh is quite likely the same Hugh as is John D.'s ancestor,
>and I also believe that probably Hugh was an uncle or cousin of my
>ancestor Samuel. Archibald's first son was named Hugh, b. 1795; the
>second was my Samuel. Archibald's Hugh was too young to be John D,'s
>ancestor, but it's possible that Hugh was named for Archibald's brother
>or father.
>Also, another of Archibald's sons was Thomas, b. 1805,m. 1828, Ballymena,
>Jane Ross. Hugh Armstrong was a witness. This could possibly be John
>D.'s Thomas....
>Yes! I think John D. and I are cousins!!!! There are nearly too many
>coincidences of place, name,church and time not to make this connection
>in some way.......just need to find a bit more about Archibald's family!!
> And I am stuck at getting more information about if
>anybody reads this and it strikes a spark, please let me (and John D.)
>know. Please, please, with sugar on it.
>And, by the way, what was Fount's ancestor, Samuel, who was born in 1742
>in Canonbie Scotland doing in Ballymena in 1767? Visiting relatives?
>Always hopeful,
>Cousin Marilyn
>On Tue, 29 Jun 1999 09:48:55 -0500 "John D. Armstrong" <>
>>For a good number of years I have been attempting to obtain
>>about my Great Grandfather, John Armstrong, and his father, Hugh
>>(and any other family members). We know that Hugh Armstrong was a
>>farmer in Antrim, Ulster, Ireland the later part of the 18th century,
>>early 19th
>>Century. We know that John was born December 29, 1820 and we know
>>John had an older half Brother Thomas that was born about 1800. Thus
>>that Hugh had more than one wife - or was it a wife and a mistress?
>>that John "took the Queen's shilling" and served for one year and
>>before his father, Hugh, bought him out of the service to help tend
>>farm and
>>weaving, because of Hugh's advanced age and ill health. We have not
>>been able
>>to locate any military records, as yet. We know that in his 25th
>>(1845/6) John
>>emigrated to the US. Meeting up with his half brother Thomas, who
>>him to Philadelphia, where they both worked in the Carpet weaving
>>industry awhile.
>>We know that John moved on to Chicago, Illinois where in November of
>>he met Katherine Miller, born in Ballymena, June 26, 1838. Which was
>>3 miles from the Armstrong Farm. We know that after about a 6 week
>>John and Katherine were married in Chicago on December 17th, 1855. A
>>that survived 55 years and 11 children. see
>>1 Hugh Armstrong, Antrim, Ulster, Ireland
>> + unknown
>>..2 Thomas Armstrong b abt 1800 Antrim, Ulster, Ireland
>>...+ unknown
>>...3 (or 4) Harry Yarrington Armstrong b abt 1865 (maybe in ILL)
>>.....+Isabelle M Monroe B Dec 14, 1875 Peroria, Ill; m Oct 18, 1897
>>...3 (or 4) James Armstrong b abt 1870
>>..2 John Armstrong b Dec 19, 1820 Antrim, Ulster, Ireland d Aug 28,
>>Greenwood, NE
>>...+ Katherine Miller b June 26, 1838 Ballymena, Antrim, Ireland d
>>10, 1914, Greenwood NE.
>>...3 Jennie Armstrong b Oct 20, 1856 Grinnell, IA d Jan 15, 1916
>>Greenwood, NE
>>....+ Sam Birdsall
>>.....4 Ethell Birdsall
>>.... 4 Edith Birdsall
>>.... 4 Roy Birdsall
>>.... 4 Bert Birdsall
>>...3William Armstrong b Dec 9, 1858 Grinnell, IA dOct 3, 1938
>>....+ Lou Ella Burnett (1st wife)
>>.... 4 Arthur Armstrong b July 25, 1887 Greenwood, NE
>>..... + Ann Kennedy
>>..... 5 Arthur Armstrong, Jr b July 4, 1915 Indianapolis, IN
>>..... + Elaine Dulski
>>...... 6 Bruce Armstrong
>>...... 6 Richard Armstrong
>>..... 5 Wayne Armstrong b 1917 d 1974
>>..... 5 William Armstrong b 1921 d 1952
>>.... 4 Evan Armstrong b Jan 29, 1891 Greenwood, NE d 1964
>>.... 4 Clifford Armstrong b Aug 15, 1895 Greenwood, NE d March 18,
>>.... 4 Louella Armstrong b Feb 1, 1905 Greenwood, NE d 1985
>>... 3 George Armstrong b Oct 13, 1860 Farmington, IL d Nov 22 1862
>>... 3 James Armstrong b April 24, 1862 Grinnell, IA d Feb 23, 1863
>>... 3 Hugh Armstrong b Dec 29, 1863 Farmington, Ill d Dec 1 1941
>>... + Alice Minnie Ellis b Oct 20, 1872 York, NE d March 1952
>>Rushville, NE
>>.... 4 Harry E Armstrong b Aug 19, 1896 Fairmont, NE d April 10, 1959
>>.... + Margaret Schroeder
>>..... 5 Hazel Lavern Armstrong
>>..... 5 Robert G Armstrong
>>..... 5 Dorothy Evelyn Armstrong
>>.... 4 Baby Armstrong
>>.... 4 Lola Armstrong b April 14, 1900 Greenwood, NE d March 12, 1997
>>Gordon, NE
>>..... + J.R. Snyder DVM
>>..... 5 Roy C Snyder
>>..... 5 Alice Marie Snyder
>>.... 4 Eric Armstrong b Dec 23, 1902 Greenwood, NE, d Oct 11, 1970
>>Tucson, AZ
>>.... 4 Melvin W Armstrong b Nov 14, 1908 Greenwood, NE, d Dec 25,
>>Rushville, NE
>>.... + Alice Thayer
>>..... 5 Ernest Hugh Armstrong
>>..... 5 Donna Delores Armstrong
>>.... 4 John Henry Armstrong b Mar 16, 1918 Gordon, NE d JUly 28, 1994
>>Hemet, CA
>>.... + Gloria Deanne Naylor b Mar 7, 1919 Springfield, MO d Mar 5,
>>Paradise CA
>>..... 5 John D. Armstrong b Chadron NE
>>..... + Dixie Allene Cummings
>>...... 6 John Michael Armstrong b Rushville, NE
>>..... 6 Mark Douglas Armstrong b Camp Kue Okinawa
>>....... 7 Trevor Douglas Armstgrong b Anchorage, Alaska
>>... 3 John M Armsrtrong b Nov 1 1865 Galva Ill, d Jan 24, 1934
>>Greenwood, NE
>>... + Martha Hall
>>.... 4 Ralph Harold Armstrong b Dec 23, 1890 d 1944
>>.... 4 Charles Marion Armstrong b Sept 17, 1892 d 1952
>>.... 4 Elizabeth Jessie Armstrong b March 26, 1902, d 1988
>>.... 4 Mildred Lucina Armstrong
>>... 3 Joseph Armstrong b July 19, 1867 Touylon Ill d June 6 1937
>>Greenwood, NE
>>... + Carra (Carry) Birdsall
>>.... 4 Henry Joseph (Hank) Armstrong b Aug 29 1901
>>.... + Pauline Armstrong
>>... 3 James H Armstrong b June 26, 1869 d Sedpt 29, 1887
>>... 3 Anne Armstrong b Jan 26, 1872 d Oct 7 1892
>>... 3 Minnie Mae Armstrong b May 2, 1874 d Oct 12, 1955 Tacoma WA
>>... + Orin S Hall
>>.... 4 Lillian Blanch Hall
>>.... 4 Cyrus C Hall
>>.... 4 Kathryn Hall
>>.... 4 William Orin Hall
>>... 3 Gertrude Armstrong b Nov 26, 1876 d Nov 4, 1879
>>Surely there is someone out there on this list who can connect with
>>group of Armstrongs.. There has to be an Antnrim Connection just
>>laying around waiting to be discovered... Who'se holding the
>>John D.
>>Homer, Alaska
>Marilyn Armstrong Otterson
>"Each of us has his own tree of ancestors, but at the top
> of all sits Probably Arboreal." (Charles Darwin)
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