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From: "David Sally Warren or Janna" <>
Subject: Re: Ynir, King of Gwentland
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 23:43:53 -0400


Sorry to say that as a result of posting the message about the royal
descent of of the Arnolds, I have gained information which convinces me
that this is NOT true. Evidently a genealogist named Horatio G. Somerby
compiled a geneaology in 1870 for a member of the Arnold family which made
the Ynir connection. It was subsequently published by in the New England
Historical and Genealogical Register (NEHGR), Vol. 33, pg 432-438.
However, it was later convincingly disproved.

In NEHGR Vol. 69, pg 64-69, Edson Salisbury Jones published an article
which clearly shows that the father of William Arnold (1587-1675) of
Providence and Pawtuxet, Rhode Island, was Nicholas (who married Alice
Gulley), NOT Thomas as given by Somerby. He was unable to find any
evidence of Nicholas' parentage. So far I have seen no reliable
information on this.

Unfortunately, Somerby's work has been picked up and repeated many times by
others over the past 120 plus years, so confusion abounds and many sources
contiune to show Thomas as William's father (and as husband of Alice
Gulley), and to suggest the Ynir connection.

I am copying this message to the entire Arnold list in the hope that
someone has some credible info about Nicholas' ancestry. If anyone does,
please e-mail me.


David G. White

> To:
> Subject: Ynir, King of Gwentland
> Date: Monday, October 06, 1997 10:48 AM
> David:
> I was pleased to see another reference to the subject King which
> I had previously found in the following publication:
> Roots Research Bureau, Ltd.
> 39 West 32 Street, Suite 704
> Ny, NY 10001
> Title: The Name and Family of Arnold
> Manuscript Number: 52
> Copyright 1984 Roots Research Bureau, Ltd., All Rights
> Reserved
> I ordered this publication several years ago. However, recently I
> inquired the same company concerning another name and my
> letter was returned marked address unknown...anyway, just
> thought there is other people out here with similar info on the
> ARNOLD name.
> Of course I was also happy to receive the leneage on the
> GAMAGE name also, and how it "connects."
> Thanks again,
> Sid Arnold

> 611 24Th Street
> Butner NC 27509 USA

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