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Although this info is more on the Warner Brown family and not the hospital, I thought I would send it anyway in case you or anyone else was interested. I got this from one of the Union County Genealogical Society books that they put out every year. I was given permission to do this by the editor. The article wasn't signed, but don't believe that the UCGS did anything but print the copy. Probably a desc wrote the info and donated it to UCGS. I can't vouch for nor corroborate the info written.


Warner Brown was born December 6, 1785, Virginia, the son of Robert and Susan Brown. He came to Union County, Arkansas, after 1840 and settled a few miles south of El Dorado where he "hewed" a home in the wilderness. 1840 Alabama Census records shows he lived in Tall. Co., Ala and the 1850 Union County census shows he and his family lived in Franklin Township, Union County, Arkansas where he was a planter.
His first wife was Mary Ann Neal ( born August 2, 1787, Pittsylvania, Va). They had 10 children:

Susan E. ( born Jan 21, 1808), married Enoch Frost
Nancy ( born 1809), marr. Thomas Hawkins
John R ( born 1811), marr. Nancy Baite
Mary A. ( born 1813), marr. J.D.Porter
Sarah G. ( born 1815), marr. William Thompson
James D. ( born 1817), marr. Josephine Black
William C. ( born 1819)
Matilda ( born 1821), marr. Richard Lawrence
Emily C. ( born 1823), marr. Frank Adkinson
Margaret L. ( born 1825), marr. Ferdenand Neal

Mary Ann ( Neal) Brown died March 5, 1826, North Carolina. Warner Brown's second wife was Matilda Smith. She was born in 1807, NC, and died in 1845 at the age of 38. His third wife was Martha Spain and was born in Va.

We have been told that Warner Brown had a total of 26 children. Some names not included with those listed above are Martha, Solomon, Amanda, and Missouri. These five were born in Alabama.* Edward W, Paul, (both born in Arkansas), Peter M. ( born NC), Malinda, Lavina M., George S, and Lucy B.
Warner Brown is recognized in the history of El Dorado for selling the plot of land ( $30.00) where the first Methodist Chapel was built in 1846. This was built in the same location as the present First Methodist Church. He gave the adjoining plot for what was then known as Brown Cemetery and the church bell which "rings today to call church members to worship".

Warner Brown died December 28, 1853, and was buried in Brown Cemetery. A few years after he died, his wife ( Martha) and five children ( Paul, George, Edward, Lavina, and Lucy) moved to a plantation just north of St. Louis, Mo. Here they became involved in tobacco farming and within a short time their savings enabled them to move into St. Louis where they bought one of the largest tobacco factories in Missouri. George and Paul worked together and remained very close all their lives. ( George lived and died in Moscow Mill, Mo). Edward became a physician and moved to Fort Worth, Tx. Lucy died while very young.

Paul Brown, who was born August 20, 1847, Union Co, AR, married 3 times. His first wife was Martha Ann Hudson. They had five children.
(1) Julia, born about 1870, marr. George Radford. They owned the Radford School for Girls, El Paso, Tx and bequeathed a large amount of money to Principia College ( Christian Scientist), Elsa, Illinois. A building there is named in her honor. She died Jan, 1941.
(2) Zelma, born October 12, 1871, died July 17, 1899. She marr. Robert Prutt Wultz and they had one child, Pauline Mildred.
(3)Georgia marr. Louis Blosser. She was crippled and left her home to crippled children of Missouri located at Marshall, Mo.
(4) Robert Marion, who marr. Elleta Brinburg, bacame an invalid and died March 9, 1928.
(5)Nellie marr. Albert Keller who was involved with the Mercantile Trust Co, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Barnes Hospital, Vice President of the Boy Scout Council, a trustee of Southern Methodist University ( Dallas, Tx), St. John's Methodist Church - their Orphans Home, Central Institute for the Deaf, and President of the Municipal Opera, St. Louis. Nellie died Feb 18, 1967, age 86.

After Martha Ann died, Paul marr. Clair Floyd. They had one child, Paul Brown, Jr. He died June 1, 1916. His wife ( Katherine) and two children, Dorothy and Paul H. Brown, III, moved out east.

Paul Brown's third wife was the former Mrs. Inez Hereford Clark of Nevada, Mo, and was a direct desc. of Betty Washington, sister to George Washington.

Paul went from being a country boy, beginning his life in El Dorado, to becoming one of the richest tobacco and industrial kings in Missouri. He was Vice-President of the St. Louis Merchantile Bank and Trust Company, head of Paul Brown and Company in St. Louis, and possessed millions in real estate and farm property in that part of Missouri. His success and wealth had not made him forget the city and county in which he was raised. His interests, aside from finance, was in caring for the health and welfare of his home people. He had a desire to erect in El Dorado a monument in memory of his father and it was from this desire that Warner Brown Hospital had its beginning. He donated $77,000 to the founding of the hospital and the other half was to be raised through popular subscriptions among the citizens of El Dorado and Union Co. In 1927, he assumed an additional $68,000 - $70,000 in debts and the hospital was turned over to the Sisters of Mercy.

Paul Brown died Nov 18, 1927, at the age of 80 in Colorado Springs, Co, where he had gone 3 month prior, to rest. He was survived by his third wife ( Inez), whom he marr. in 1924, one son ( Robert), 3 daughters and 28 neices and nephews. Funeral services were held in St. Louis, Mo.

It has been estimated that he was worth from $35 - $40 million when he died. He had accumulated the bulk of this fortune from the Paul Brown Tobacco, which he sold to the American Tobacco Comany in 1898.

*Whomever wrote this article showed that 5 children were born in Ala, but I don't know for sure which they were talking about. Believe this to have been a typo and should have been 4 children.

There is also a copy of Warner Browns Will, if you are interested. The only mention of Paul is that he received one share, as did each of his other children.

Here is a site that I found with a little info on Warner Brown Hospital.

Hope this helps,


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