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Subject: Re: [ASHWORTH] Giving up the list
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 22:08:50 EDT

Hello, My mother is a Ashworth by here fathers 2nd wife . He was Addison
Ashworth i believe he was born in Lake Charles,Louisiana he married 1 time and
she died a nd he married Isadora McDaniel from Oakdale,Louisiana i am guessing
i have spent much time trying to figure out about them but ... But Isadora
also went by Dora and her mother and father was Martha Lilybell Perkins born
in Elizabeth,Louisiana and William McDaniel born in Rapides Parish Louisiana
I no i have Indian on my mother and my fathers side ... but just finding the
proof is not to easy. But will you send me the paper and things you have on
the Ashworth's Addison Ashworth's mother and Father was Josephine Howard and
Andrew Ashworth them and some more people came here from North & South
Carolina They came to St.Landry Parish i believe may have been a place were Indian
were ? The first Ashworth's i am guessing was James Ashworth and Keziah Dial
Diaql is a Indian name. I have no idea but i have read that her mother and
father was full blooded Indians there in North Carolina. When James & Keziah's
son William and Moses and a few more moved to Texas it was during the war with
Mexico i believe i really have no idea but Sam Houston was a Man that was in
the Army and him and William was Friends. But because of there color they
were cold Blacks ... and so on . Well mMoses got ran off his land but he still
had the title and over the years they have found Oil on it . It is called The
Spindle but William Ashworth bought land in Bomont texas . And Moses had
around 600 acres of land as well there in Texas. But my mother is in Moses
Ashworth's line. My mother has half brothers and sisters to this day want say
she is there sister. GOD DONT LIKE THAT . I would love how ever was in my family
by blood are not but this is me ... But i have been tracing down the
Ashworth's for some years and i no that James Ashworth's father was also James and
he married a sqaw out of Mississippi and then they came to South Carolina and
when they had James Ashworth ll he moved to North Carolina he lived by the
PeeDee Indians and i am guessing this is were he found Keziah Dial this last
name has different ways i have seen it spelled so take your pick .... Well i
pray that we get some where with this. Paula

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