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Subject: Re: [AUS-CON] To: "Cathy B": Text - e-mail and subjectheadings:Re:ORPHAN SC...
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2007 03:46:23 +1100
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Hi Alice,
The (upper case) "yelling" business is just another of those modern internet
things, like the many abbreviations and "icons / signs" that mean certain
things; it is a bit like talking another language at times.
Many mailing lists send you a set of rules when you subscribe and advise
that SURNAMES and PLACE NAMES should be in upper case.
In doing it that way it also makes it so much easier for listers to "speed
read" postings too as the important upper case words stand out in the e-mail
when it is being read.
If the e-mail is all in the same size font with not upper case for specific
words the e-mail tends to all "run in together" with nothing standing out to
catch the eye.
Also you are possibly more likely to receive a reply / replies to your query
as some people will not bother to read a posting in all upper case or lower
case and will simply delete it.
Like you Alice, many folks find it easier to do it in all upper case due to
their eyesight.
Depending on the type and age of your computer, you could enlarge the font
size (some older pcs do not have that facility) and therefore still be able
to use the upper case where required.
Take care.

Dorne Phefley SAUNDERS

(All AUSTRALIAN States + more)
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> hi catherine i dont mind capitals with being into old age it saves me
> straining my eyes, where did this yelling ifr you type capitals originate
> from alice

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