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Subject: [AUS-CON] Research in Oz
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 18:17:37 +1100
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Hi Lynn

The Indent for the Barwell that was prepared at some stage before the ship left,
states that he was 20.

The 1828 NSW Census has him listed as Henry AshFORD gives his age as 60 = so my
guess is that he was born within the 1768 to 1776 period. Don't get too hung up
about the stated age at death because we do not know if the person who provided
that information actually knew how old he was!

He must have been a man of strong character and amazing patience to have spent
so much time employed by the Rev. Samuel Marsden :)


Lesley Uebel


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Hi List,

Please Oh Please I need help.
I've researched in UK and South Africa but am totally stumped in Oz.
How does one research in Australia? IGI has just about nothing .... Ancestry
wasn't a great deal of help either.

I'm looking to trace the tree of a convict Henry ASHFIELD
This is what I've found:
Sentenced 1796 in Surrey at age 20. Transported for life - arriving NSW on the
Barwell in May 1798.
He was in employ of Rev Samuel MARSDEN from 1806-1824
And perhaps his death in 1840. I say perhaps as the age shown on the record has
him age 76.....this doesn't tie in with the sentencing age.
Marriage, birth of children, etc I don't find.
I've spent ages going through many, many sites on the Internet but obviously
getting nowhere.
Help!!!Wwhere do I go from here? How do should I be doing research in Australia
??? .......... Any info available on the Internet???
Thanks a Million

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