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Subject: Re: [AUS-CON] Research in Oz- Hy ASHFIELD
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 20:11:05 +1000
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MargM and others
Thanks to all that have written me and sent addresses.
Been there - done that.
With the little info found on the sites I can't even find a tiny thread to
link them all.

A fixed proven person and work back.......just compounding the problem that
why I thought to try work in the other direction.
The problem the info I have is very thin, very thin indeed.
Modern times!
This is my son's de facto (is that what they're called) (wife except with no
papers) So in a wau I suppose family.
For years I've kept track of my side of the family and now I have hers to
add to the equation.
A new challenge.
Sara PALMER born Aug 1985 Northern Territory
Father: David Ashfield born abt 1962 Mother: NN PALMER born Wales
not married
David ASHFIELD's father: Robert ASHFIELD (born ...doesn't know) mother:
Faye-Lyn NN (maiden name .... doesn't know)

As I said before I had IGI and Ancestry to kick start and also fill the gaps
for me but I don't find anything to further the search.
Very sketchy info I know but I'd hoped.
Once again thanks to all.

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> Hi Lynn
>> I've researched in UK and South Africa but am totally
>> stumped in Oz.
>> How does one research in Australia? IGI has just about
>> nothing .... Ancestry wasn't a great deal of help
>> either.
> There is quite alot of info on the Net....... You already
> found Lesleys 'Claim a Convict ' web site. NSW State
> Records have alot of indexes on line and then there are
> web sites such as
>> I'm looking to trace the tree of a convict Henry
>> This is what I've found:
>> Sentenced 1796 in Surrey at age 20. Transported for
>> ife - arriving NSW on the Barwell in May 1798.
>> He was in employ of Rev Samuel MARSDEN from 1806-1824
>> And perhaps his death in 1840. I say perhaps as the age
>> shown on the record has him age 76.....this doesn't tie
>> in with the sentencing age.
>> Marriage, birth of children, etc I don't find.
> I assume he must have some connection to you? . Its often
> easier to work back from some fixed proven person .
> Spelling of surnames can get mangled at times and some
> early church records havent survived
>> I've spent ages going through many, many sites on the
>> Internet but obviously getting nowhere.
>> Help!!!Wwhere do I go from here? How do should I be
>> doing research in Australia ??? ..........
> Researching convicts is really no different from
> researching a free settler except there might be more info
> to find with a convict. You start from a fixed proven
> person and work back
> There are also a myriad of records available in books,
> fiche , micro film and on CD in many libraries
> Bye
> MargM
> Beautiful NSW Central Coast
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