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From: "Gladys" <>
Subject: [AUS-CON] John Lowther
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 08:17:33 -0000

I am new to the list and would be grateful for any info you may have about the Lowther family.

John Lowther shot my husbands great grandfather and another gamekeeper in December1893 at Loftus. The other gamekeeper died and Lowther was to hang but the sentence was commuted to life. In one of the reports on his trial it stated that 40 years ago almost to the day Lowther's father shot and killed a gamekeeper in a nearby wood and was transported to Australia. When he arrived in Australia he tried to escape into the bush and was shot and killed. It also said that John's grandfather met a violent death in a railway tunnel. I do not have his first name or any details about him. I would love to know his name and if he had more children.
Anything at all would be appreciated.
Thank you,

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