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From: "Carol Wood" <>
Subject: Re: [AUS-CON] Which James Dodd??
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 12:09:52 +1000
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Hi Paddy,

There is no marriage "certificate" as this marriage, whether it is the
correct James Dodds or not, would only have a Church record as Government
registration of BDMs didn't start in NSW until 1856. Church records are
available free on films as part of the NSW Archives Kit at most large
libraries and Genie Societies in NZ (so I have been told, I can't swear
that this is correct). Obviously there is more than one James Dodds in the
colony of NSW. There are 6 James Dodds who came as convicts, none of them
have an 's' on the end ie James Dodd. If your James Dodd is the one on the
Norfolk he had a sentence of 7 years and was aged 20. How do you know you
have the correct one? On the 1828 census James Dodds from the ship Norfolk
is shown as on Road Party - 25.

Johanna Quane came on the Hooghley(3). She was sentenced in Cork in 1831
and received a sentence of 7 years. She was aged 27 years.

There are several good websites which give advice for tracing Convicts,
try the NSW State Records office which is on line
and the NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages which are also online and of course
Lesley Uebel's Claim a Convict site and the Convicts to Port Jackson mailing
list. Addresses for all sites will come up via a Google search. The
convict indent should be noted with his Ticket of Leave number and his
Certificate of Freedom number if he eventually received them - not all
convicts did. With a 7 year sentence he should obviously have been a free
man when he married (but not if he committed another crime in NSW) but maybe
his wife was not and would therefore need permission to marry.

Copies of documents such as Convict Indents, Ticket of Leave, Certificate of
Freedom, Convict Pardons, Permission to Marry etc. can be ordered online
from NSW State Records and BDM certificates can be ordered online from the
NSW Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages.


Carol Wood
Brisbane Qld Australia

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