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From: "paddy cleary" <>
Subject: Re: [AUS-CON] Which James Dodd??
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 10:15:51 +1300
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Hi Carol
Thank you for your reply and all the info. I think the James Dodds who
arrived on the 'Norfolk' is not my Dodds. There is another Dodds operating
in Sydney at the same time (even tho the Census says there was only the
Norfolk character) and the other chap is the 'Britomart' one. He married
Mary Leister and I feel I am sure they are the right ones for me because
'James ....and Mary ...produced Ellen Dodds in 1832 who was my ggrama buried
in 1933 Auck. I have certs. for Ellen's marriage and death - isnt that proof
enough or have I missed something? What I must do is find out about Mary
Leister, - big mystery gal - she received 'rations' in 1821 Muster with
George Leister and unnamed infant. Thanks for your help. Paddy Cleary,
Karori nz.

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