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From: "paddy cleary" <>
Subject: Re: [AUS-CON] Which James Dodd??
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 19:43:40 +1300
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Hi Carol
Thank for your efforts on James Dodds. The only mention of Mary Leister I
have found is on the 1821 Muster where George (I could have been mistaken)
Leister, Mary Leister, and an unnamed number, 254, received rations. George
was a constable so I guess that rules Mary out of ever being harshly treated
by the Brits.
It had Ellen Dodds age on her tombstone in Auckland, at 101 yrs. Her maiden
name, Dodds, was on the marriage cert of her third son (my granfa). Her age
ties in nicely with the record of the birth of Ellen, which ties in with the
record of the marriage of her father to Mary. I reckon it has to be her. I
guess the Leisters will just have to remain a mystery. There is no mention
of them after receiving the rations in 1821. Maybe they were poisoned.
Henry and Ellen were married in Auckland. Thanks again, Paddy Cleary @

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