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Subject: Re: [AUS-CON] Which James Dodd??
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 12:28:16 +1100
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Hi Paddy

Not sure how serious you are about finding more about Mary, I have
told you a couple of times now about the affidavit of her father John
regarding her marriage to James DODDS, the State Archives of NSW have
the info and they can copy and send it to you.

At this time letters to the Col Sec usually included a bio of the
author giving how long they had been in the colony and what ship they
arrived on etc. This affidavit should be quite revealing.

>From the State Archvies of NSW web site
1825 Sep 19
Affidavit re marriage of his daughter Mary to James Dodds (Reel
6028; 2/8305 p.163)"

Also you imply below that he wasn't a convict as he was a constable -
not so many of the convicts in the colony became Constables... A very
different time to now it is important not to make assumptions based
on how our systems work today.

There are various spellings possible for Mary's surname -

LISTER in the following two books are:

General Muster and Land and Stock Muster of 1822 page 290.

A12748 Leicester, Mary
Age: 15
Ar. Stat.: BC (born colony)
Occupation: Servant
Employer etc.: R Campbell Jr
Where: Sydney

General Muster and List 1823, 1824, 1825 page 336.
29414 Leicester, Mary
Age: 19
Stat.: BC (born colony)
Occupation Employer etc.: daughter of Leicester, Constable
Where: Sydney

Both ages for this person match the death in 1839 aged 33 and tie in
with the Rookwood contacts which link your Ellen DODDS to Mary and
James whom married in 1825.

It is important to remember that at the time Mary was born, abt
1806/7, many baptismal records have not survived and not all were

Cannot find any Mary's in the other early Muster's but the only
John's to match her father are

General Muster and List 1823, 1824, 1825 page 337.
29340 Leister, John
Stat.: FS (Free by Servitude)
Ship of Arrival: Ganges
Ship Year: 1797
Sent: 7
Occupation Employer etc.: Constable
Where: Sydney

General Muster of NSW 1814
page 109
No.: 4845
Res: S (Sydney)
Name: John Lister
Ship of Arrival: Ganges
Status: F (Free)
Stores: On
Remarks: Office Keeper to the Judge

Musters & Lists NSW & Norfolk Island 1800 - 1802

Page 54
Settles' Muster Book 1800 List 5
Expired or Emancipated Convicts and Free People Off the Stores in
Ref: AE461
Ship: Ganges
Name: John Leister
Where Resident: Sydney
Number of Ticket: 443
With whom or why to allowed off: Expired
Remarks: Entry crossed out

(note the next person has the same ticket number not sure whether
this means he went onto stores or not he doesnt appear in other lists
in this book)

>From Claim a Convict the arrival of this ship would allow him to be
in the colony in time for the birth of your Mary

Interesting to note that in the
Musters of NSW & Norfolk Island 1805-1806 page 76

A3136 Margaret Mooney
Ship: Anne
Condition: P T/L (Prisoner Ticket of Leave)
How Employed/With Whom Lives (Females): John Lister

Margaret Appears in the 1814 page 142 as
No.: 6319
Res: S (Sydney)
Name: Margaret Mooney
Ship of Arrival: Anne 1
Status: F
Stores: On
Children On: 2
Remarks: Wife to W Leycester

As Margaret was with John around the time of Mary's birth she could
very well be the mother. Further research will be needed though. It
is quite possible that W Leycester was John Leister - the books are
worth reading the introductions to which indicate all the problems of
reading and transcribing from the various documents which were used
to edit and compile these books.

No sign of John nor Margaret in the General Muster of NSW & VDL 1811

Can't see Margaret in the 1800-1802 book either - seeing as she
arrived in 1801 this is not surprising.

So Paddy would seem you have two convicts to research.

On 25 Feb 2007 at 19:43, paddy cleary wrote:

> Hi Carol
> Thank for your efforts on James Dodds. The only mention of Mary
> Leister I have found is on the 1821 Muster where George (I could have
> been mistaken) Leister, Mary Leister, and an unnamed number, 254,
> received rations. George was a constable so I guess that rules Mary
> out of ever being harshly treated by the Brits.
> It had Ellen Dodds age on her tombstone in Auckland, at 101 yrs. Her
> maiden name, Dodds, was on the marriage cert of her third son (my
> granfa). Her age ties in nicely with the record of the birth of Ellen,
> which ties in with the record of the marriage of her father to Mary. I
> reckon it has to be her. I guess the Leisters will just have to remain
> a mystery. There is no mention of them after receiving the rations in
> 1821. Maybe they were poisoned. Henry and Ellen were married in
> Auckland. Thanks again, Paddy Cleary @ Wellington.


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